I Ordered Prescription Sunglasses From Zenni Optical

Just about one year ago, I ordered from Zenni Optical for the first time. Initially they shipped me the wrong order but after my call to customer service they got everything figured out, I returned the wrong order and our glasses finally arrived.

I’ve been wanting to get a pair of prescription sunglasses ever since my first pair of Zenni Optical glasses arrived. The prescription was perfect and sunglasses are so difficult for those of us who wear glasses.

During the winter it’s not so bad, but once the summer hits, it is so glaringly bright outside in Arizona that it is rather wretched to not wear sunglasses. Especially when driving into the afternoon sun, it is enough to blind a person.

In fact, my Grandma once had a car accident because the sun was so bright that she didn’t see a car heading toward her while she was making a left hand turn.

Anyway, I kept remembering to order some prescription sunglasses from Zenni of course, while driving. And last night I remembered at 4:10am when I couldn’t sleep! This time I had my cell phone on my nightstand so I texted myself a message.

Funny there was something else I was meaning to order, and I thought surely I’ll remember once I see the text to order the sunglasses. But nope. Nothing. Totally blank. I’ll remember again when I’m driving, taking a shower, right in the middle of milking the goats or otherwise occupied in such a way that I cannot get onto the computer and place the order!

I was able to pull up my original order to Zenni from my inbox which listed my prescription specs for each eye, my pupillary distance and the frames ordered.  I thought it would be real simple. Just reorder one of the pair I’d originally bought, but they are not carrying either frame at this time.

That meant I had to go looking for something else that I would be happy with. I’m not too concerned about fashion, but I don’t want to look like a total dork either.

The one thing that is difficult about buying glasses online is it is impossible to tell if they are going to look good on your face. You know how difficult it is to make a decision on what looks good at the eyeglasses store! Well, it’s impossible when you can’t try the glasses on and see for yourself in the mirror! So the way I get around the problem of not knowing what to choose is to look at a pair of frames that I do like and find the information.

The main thing you want to have is the bridge, lens width, height. The frames I bought from Zenni had a bridge measurement of 18mm; however, both pairs were just the slightest bit wide for my nose so I decided to narrow down my selection to frames with bridges that were exactly the size of my current eyeglasses, 17mm.

Here’s a blog post over at Len Penzo that has some great information on how to buy prescription glasses online: Buying Prescription Glasses Online – Debunking the Four Common Fears. Inside that article you will find a link to Finding Your Perfect Glasses Frame which will give a few more tips.

I ended up choosing this style:

Zenni Optical Prescription Sunglasses

The bridge is 17mm, the Lens Width is 52mm (my regular glasses are 50mm), the Temple Length is 142 (my regular glasses 142mm).

I ordered the grey 80% tint and I called Zenni Optical first to see if there is UV protection on the lenses. The guy I talked to said all lenses, whether tinted or not, are UV 400. Awesome.

The last thing I want to do is lose my vision due to not wearing protection when out in the sun.

My sunglasses were $12.95 ($8 for the frames and $4.95 for the tint) and there is a $4.95 shipping fee.  That’s an awesome price for prescription sunglasses! In the past I have bought the funky elderwear wraparound sunglasses to wear with my own glasses and they are just dreadful.  The frames on these glasses are just a tad bit wide for the wraparounds, and so I have to wear them slightly askew in order to accommodate my glasses.  Double arms on your ears in the summer, no fun. Sweating and all that junk.

I’ll report back when my sunglasses arrive.  I have never had prescription sunglasses in my entire life! I have had magnetic sunglasses that came with the frames, but those ended up scratching my lenses prematurely so I didn’t like that option either.

Have you ever ordered from Zenni Optical?  I’m totally sold on them!

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6 thoughts on “I Ordered Prescription Sunglasses From Zenni Optical

  1. I ordered a pair for the first time last Friday. I read some bad reviews and hesitated because of them. Then I tweeted asking if anyone had ordered from Zenni. Those who did had great things to say about the company. I’m hoping to have a good experience. Zenni is a very frugal way to buy eyeglasses. It get’s expensive when four people in a family where eyeglasses. Thanks for sharing your experience with Zenni.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Saidah: I hope you have a good experience with Zenni. As I mentioned in one of my first posts about them, they sent me the wrong order, but they did correct it. Be sure to come back and let us know how it went, okay?


  2. I ordered two pairs of prescription glasses from Zenni Optical on 6/6/2011. They arrived on my doorstep in Toronto, Canada from China on 14/6/2011–eight days in transit! $30 each for -5 prescription glasses. No duty either :).

    The prescription on the one pair is bang on. The other pair look pretty bad (#704921–‘wrap-around sports’ glasses) and the prescription isn’t quite as good. The quality on the frames is so-so (what you’d expect from generic not-so-bad $20 drug store sunglasses) but, like I said, the one pair of lenses is as good as what I would get here (my prescription is -5 and I chose the default cheap 1.57 lenses).

    Certainly worth ordering from again! Especially if you want cheap extra pairs of sunglasses lying around the house so you’ll never have to go outside without sunglasses again :). Just don’t be thinking that you’re going to get for $30 what you pay $500 for here in Canada or the US!


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