My Zenni Optical Prescription Sunglasses

I told you I’d let you know how my prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical worked out.

The prescription is great, unfortunately I’ve been to two different eyeglasses places and they can’t get the frames adjusted to fit my face.  I chose a plastic frame and it seems to be permanently tweaked so that the frames are askew on my face.  I only use them while I’m driving, but it is so disorienting to see the frames tweaked sideways (like that guy in high school with the crooked horn rimmed glasses with the duct tape on the bridge?) that it makes feel angry.  I find myself getting road rage for no reason at all, and realize it’s the frames irritating me!

It took me a week or so to get them adjusted the first time (just because I don’t go anywhere but work), and it seemed they might work for me, but a week later they were tweaked sideways again. I went to another place and had them adjusted. No joy.

Finally I remembered yesterday that I should call and see if there was anything Zenni could do for me.

I talked to a woman who sounded a bit exasperated, but overall she was polite and knowledgeable.  When she realized I’d had them adjusted twice already, she said I had thirty days to return them so if I get them postmarked and on their way by today or tomorrow, they would give me a 50% refund and I could choose another pair.

I told her I think this time I’ll find a pair with a metal frame and she agreed that might be best and suggested buying a pair with memory titanium frames.

I was actually surprised when she said they could refund 50%.  I figured I was just out that money.  So I will get those in the mail today and get a new pair ordered as soon as possible.

Have you ordered glasses from Zenni or another online prescription eyeglasses service? Were you happy with the experience?

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4 thoughts on “My Zenni Optical Prescription Sunglasses

  1. Gee, I’m glad they’re giving you something back. I’m too much of a nervous nellie to order glasses online, but my son has been doing it and is satisfied with them. But he doesn’t have to use multifocal lenses yet…


  2. My husband ordered two pairs of sunglasses a year ago and has been thrilled with them. They are both plastic pairs with no adjustment problems. The second pair he chose yellow lenses (after doing a lot of internet research) for driving and playing sports around dusk and darker. He loves them!


  3. I just want to thank you for bringing this to my attention! I had no knowledge of getting glasses online. For those prices I will definitely give it a try.


  4. I bought glasses from Zenni over a year ago. I got metal frames and since the cheapest I could find in store were $290(AUD) and Zenni’s were $40(AUD) I was ecstatic. I have had both the nose pieces come off and I have super glued them back on. That was my only problem. I have never had so many compliments about my glasses in my life!

    I have really different prescriptions in my eyes and they even emailed to ensure the prescription I entered was correct and their service was great.


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