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I called Zenni Optical yesterday, I had read some unfavorable reviews regarding Zenni Optical’s customer service, so I braced myself for the worst.  I set a timer so I could keep track of the time it took for the phone call. At very least, I expected to be talking to someone in a third world country, but that didn’t happen. I spoke with a young woman who sounded American through and through. I was number nine in the queue when I first got through.  Elevator music played lightly and every few seconds a recorded voice counted down which number caller I was while I waited my turn. It took less than three minutes waiting on hold, which I thought was pretty good considering I was ninth in line.

The young lady took my invoice number and looked up my information and then asked why I was calling. I explained that I’d received the wrong glasses, and she admitted she hadn’t been with the company long but wasn’t sure what to do about a situation like this so she would need to ask a supervisor. She put me on hold for just a few seconds and came back and said that I should ship the glasses back to them, with a note inside explaining the situation.  She said Zenni would pay for my shipping costs and she was going to contact the other customer. She assumed that the mixup was limited to me and the customer whose glasses I’d received.  That would be nice if it was going to be that simple. But I fear the person on line that day was possibly dyslexic and might have mixed up a lot of orders.  Let’s hope not, that’s just me gearing myself up for the worst.

Several hours after I talked with Zenni, I received an email with this little note:

Zenni Shipment Notification I’m not exactly sure what to think about it.  Notice the misspelling of the word “apologize” and the lack of comma after “Thank you”. But also notice the design on the note, the line going down and around the note.  Someone put some effort into trying to make this look nice.  I can’t decide if I think Zenni has this little plunk it in note made up because this happens often, or if the gal I talked to put it together, or what.

Anyway… another saga in my life…

I’ll mail the glasses back today, and I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

Mrs. Accountability

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16 comments to Zenni Optical’s Customer Service

  • I look forward to hearing the outcome on this. I had planned to order a few pair of glasses for my son to have away at school. In case something happens to his “good” ones.


  • Well, it’s sounding promising at least! Here’s hoping it all works out.


  • Jim Beckman

    Normally pay around $300-$400 for progressive, photo tint, scratch safe, etc. etc. I got all the bells and whistles for around $80. Received them in about 3 weeks, they are perfect!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Jim – I’m so glad to hear of your great experience at Zenni Optical. I know I was very pleased with my glasses once they got the right ones to me! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  • Missylove Lee


    We have been trying to decide whether to use Zenni or not as have read many pro’s and con’s.

    I don’t agree with the company making you wait on their mistake. I think they should have made you a new pair and sent them out with return packaging for the ones they sent by mistake and even gave you some kind of percent off for your next order for your inconvenience.

    You experience is adding up to it isn’t worth it and to frustrating. The e-mail you received does not look professional at all.

    Still in the thinkin mode 🙂

    Thanks for all the info.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Missylove Lee, you are right, it was a bit annoying what I went through. On the other hand, I was able to buy 3 pairs of glasses for less than $50 when my son and I paid over $300 for two pairs of glasses. When you weigh the cost benefit, it is totally worth the wait and dealing with unprofessional emails. 🙂 When I can get myself to remember, I’m going to order myself a pair of glasses with sunglass tint. That will cost me less than $20 and one of my coworkers paid $300 for prescription sunglasses not too long ago. You ought to give them a chance!


  • telveer

    I use ZENNI mainly for ordering spare/backup glasses. For the price they charge and the quality of the frames and glasses, I would not be worried about one bad order. I have had some major nightmares when ordering from “so called” professional websites like buy.com and amazon.com. ZENNI is a 100 times better in terms of customer service. At least, you get to talk to a human. Lets give them credit for the great products they provide at such low cost. If you want better service, visit your local optical store be prepared to pay 10 times the amount.


  • RustyCurlz

    I’ve ordered glasses from Zenni before and they always arrived in less than two weeks. I ordered two pairs on July 13 and hadn’t heard anything by July 29, so I called customer service and they said there had been an error transmitting prescription info and to call back in a couple of days if I hadn’t received any notifications. I just spoke with the most rude wench. She said I was told two days ago that the shipment was held in customs, and that’s a lie. I didn’t even know their glasses are made in China, but that makes sense because they’re so reasonably priced. Then this rude bag of wind hung up on me before I could ask anything else. I was caller number six, so I imagine plenty of us are waiting waiting waiting.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with Zenni Optical. I hope they make things right and soon!


  • Steve D

    I was a bit scared of Zenni myself so I figured I try out the cheapest possible. For $12.95 (delivered in 3.5 weeks) I received a pair of glasses that I now prefer to wear over my $400.00 pair. I’m headed back for a pair of prescrip sunglasses and another “spare” pair.


  • Mama Dee

    First time I ordered it was a nightmare. My glasses came from CHINA and got lost in the mail. It took over three months. (I ordered the cheapest pair I could to try them out, so i figured I lost a few bucks) But when I did receive them, I was really impressed with the product. I decided to try them again and buy some backups, since the product was so good…I received my TWO new pair of driving glasses within 14 business days and they are FAB-U-LOUS!
    Love em!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Mama Dee: I’m glad you gave Zenni a second chance. The glasses are so much more affordable, it almost makes you want to be a little more tolerant of problems. Thanks for sharing!


  • I tried several times to place an order. For some reason I am told to check with customer service. I like to get the glasses. Please tell me the problem. I have used my credit card several times.

    Thank You


    Christine O'Sullivan Reply:

    @Christine O’Sullivan, I don’t understand HTML tags. What is that. I am a senior citizen. I just want a pair of glasses.


  • I ordered a pair of prescription glasses from Zinni about two weeks ago.I was so excited when they arrived,however when I tried them on, they were not as I had ordered them. They were supposed to be gradient from Brown to clear. They were all Brown, like sunglasses. I called customer service and told them the problem I had. They told me to take a picture of myself wearing the glasses to show them what I was describing, so I did. That was 5 days ago. I still have not heard from them yet.
    Signed, Very disappointed!!!!?


  • […] there was a glitch with Zenni (they shipped the wrong order), I had a great experience with their customer service and they eventually got the right glasses to us. It took less than a month from ordering to […]

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