I Never Wanted to Be an Entrepreneur But I’ve Changed My Mind

Ten years ago I thought I’d always work a regular job. In fact, I had definite thoughts about entrepreneurship – I was certain it wasn’t for me.  I liked the safety net of working for someone else.  I didn’t like the idea of being solely dependent on myself to make the money.  I felt [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Why Should You Stop Payment on a Check?


Checks are being used less by ordinary people, but the check business is alive and thriving in businesses.

If you don’t use checks a lot, and our younger generations don’t often seem to, you may not know what it means to stop payment on a check.  Well, the phrase pretty much tells you what [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Points to Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy filing offers individuals relief from debt and a much-needed chance to start their financial slate anew. Filing for bankruptcy may be the best step to take depending on certain circumstances and several other factors. If you’re seriously considering filing bankruptcy, here are some things to think about:

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?


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