• Reception Decorations: $73. I got the arch for $15 with a 50% off coupon at Michael’s; I made all the table decorations with juice glasses from Goodwill 24 cents each.
  • Our Special Toast Glasses: $2. 2 champagne glasses 50 cents each plus $1 for little white bows to tie to the stems. My boss said we needed to have these and they were running $15 to $25 retail. No way!
  • Paper Products for Reception: $373
  • Boutonnieres and Corsages: $23. I bought some supplies and purchased 3 off eBay. The lady from eBay ended up sending me everything she had left – some 40 corsages! She only charged me $12 for the whole bunch!
  • Bride’s Bouquet: $24. Hand-tied white roses, put together myself. Roses are $8/dozen on Friday’s at a local grocery store. I bought two dozen roses. I also made two corsages for my mother and mother-in-law.
  • Flowers to Decorate the room: $88. Purchased 75% off from Joann’s; and unfortunately we didn’t even use 1/3 of what I bought, so that was a waste of money. A coworker’s wife made those lovely little personalized candy favors (see my tutorial to make them yourself, so easy and much cheaper than buying them!)
  • Food: $457. Meat and cheese trays with bread for sandwiches, vegetable and fruit trays, and pasta salads (homemade by my boss).
  • Gifts for my mom, MIL and my boss: $73. My boss totally took over the food preparation and even went out and bought everything
  • Groom’s Clothing: $87. He is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and had NOTHING at all. We had to buy the suit, white shirt, tie, black socks and shoes. Jacket and shirt on clearance at JC Penney, and the rest from Goodwill on 50% off day.
  • Bride’s Hair, Makeup and Nails: $100. My first ever manicure and pedicure! My hair was gorgeous, I looked like a beautiful princess!
  • Groom’s Haircut: $20. I usually cut his hair for him, but we ran out of time so he went and had it done at a shop. $12 plus tip.
  • Honeymoon: $320. 2 nights at a local resort + nightwear.
  • Invitations: $17.
  • Postage: $65.
  • Bride’s Wedding Band: $225. Actually purchased earlier in the year for my Mother’s Day/Birthday gift.
  • Groom’s Wedding Band: $8. eBay.
  • Bride’s Necklace: $8. eBay.
  • Wedding Program: $8. Wrote it myself, printed it myself. Only had to buy paper.
  • Veil: $24. Made it myself, hand sewed on over 1000 beads.
  • Photography: $133. We had two Flickrites taking pictures (free) and my MIL put disposable cameras on the tables which she paid for the cameras and photo developing.
  • Videography: $0. Our youngest son videotaped the wedding. We borrowed the camera from my SIL and she gave us the mini-DVDs that the camera uses.
  • Officiant: $250. This is what we decided to give our pastor – he did not require any payment at all.
  • Marriage License: $50.
  • Music: $27. I bought some CDs off half.com and downloaded two songs for $1/each. I had a friend make sure the right music came on at the right time. We didn’t have dancing or anything like that.
  • Our sons’ haircut/wig, and clothing: $155. I know people don’t normally count in the cost of their children’s clothing, but all of us had to dress up. Our oldest son has alopecia totalis and wanted “hair” for the wedding. The wig cost $56. The other costs were for their suits, ties, white shirts and dress shoes. We don’t get out much! 😉
  • Total $2874.00


    Total: $2778.00

    So technically, our final cost was $96.

    My other wedding posts are here:

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    Wedding Under $3000

    Okay, here’s the final tally on our wedding which I had hoped to keep under $2000. We invited 160 people, and 96 actually showed up. We had a lot of children at our wedding, too, which really made it a lot of fun! I can’t believe people don’t want children at their wedding!

    • Ceremony/Reception Location: $0. We had our wedding at my job, which normally charges $800 for the room but let us use it free.
    • Books in lieu of wedding consultant: $40. purchased from half.com
    • Bridal Gown: $25 + $3. A real “white” wedding gown – name brand Eden’s Bridals from Goodwill on 50% off day. I wet washed it myself, altered it, sewed a decorative lacy piece to the back, and ironed it. The lace piece cost $3 from a discount fabric store.
    • Other Bridal Clothing: $81.
    • Cake: $115. Mr. A made our four-tiered wedding cake, and the groom’s cake. He had to buy everything to assemble it, plus frosting tools, etc.
    Price: N/A You Save: N/A List Price: $12.95 Price: $11.68 You Save: $1.27 List Price: $24.95 Price: N/A You Save: N/A List Price: $24.95 Price: N/A You Save: N/A List Price: $19.95 Price: N/A You Save: N/A List Price: $4.98 Price: $4.99 You Save: N/A List Price: $12.95 Price: N/A You Save: N/A List Price: $18.95 Price: $18.95 You Save: N/A Price: N/A You Save: N/A
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