The Zenni Optical Glasses Order

I’m not sure what to think.  My Zenni Optical order placed April 3rd arrived yesterday, but… well… I think… I hope… that they shipped the wrong glasses.

First off, there are three pair of glasses, which is what we ordered, shown below. I ordered this first pair in “Clear Burgundy”.
Zenni Optical Pair 3
I ordered this pair in “Gray”:
Zenni Optical Pair 2
And this pair was to be “Clear Purple”:
Zenni Optical Pair 1

However, the pairs we got look NOTHING like the ones I ordered. Here they are. Metal frame only on the top of the lenses.

Zenni Optical Wrong Pair 1

Black arms, black on top of lenses and black and white stripe down arms.

Zenni Optical Wrong Pair 2

Blue and white stripes on arms, frameless lenses.

Zenni Optical Wrong Pair 3

Not only are the frames not what I ordered, but the prescriptions are not mine. At first I thought they just screwed up royally, just put any old pair of frames and messed up on the prescriptions. But then I looked at my receipt to my email. My order number was #580335. The glasses in the package have a slip that shows order #570335. Close, but not exactly, Zenni Optical.

I doubt they are available by phone on Saturday, so I’ll be calling them on Monday.

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Mrs. Accountability

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6 thoughts on “The Zenni Optical Glasses Order

  1. My Zenni order was great, it was perfect and superfast. I don’t have a lot of faith in their customer service, but at least you aren’t out much cash.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    I’m definitely going to call and let them know they sent the wrong order, I sure hope they clear this up! Thanks for visiting and commenting – it is good to hear that someone else has had a good experience with them. Thanks again!


  2. Hmm, I’ve just been thinking of trying them out (although I’d rather be able to try frames on to see what suits me and fits properly) because they’re so inexpensive. Hearing about mistakes like this makes me uncomfortable. Please keep us updated!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Yes, it’s really rough not being able to try on the frames!! I will definitely post an update. I’m really hoping they will clear up this mistake! Thanks for visiting and commenting, Shevy!


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