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UPDATE: August 2014. I’ve re-created the header for this blog. I am beginning to doubt that we will ever get out of debt again, so I decided to just face it and accept that we will never get out of debt again.

However, I will continue struggling with all my might!!


In November 2006 we were debt-free (only our mortgage of $53K) and then it all came crashing in on us. Thankfully, we had credit cards to help us through the hard times. We were debt-free before; we can do it again.

Mrs. Accountability is the mother of the family, primarily in charge of the finances, and the sole contributor to this blog. Mrs. A works four days a week at a “regular” job and also blogs in her spare time.

Mr. Accountability aka Mr. A, is the husband and father. He does 95% of the grocery shopping, and is a self proprietor of two businesses. Mr. and Mrs. A have two children.UPDATE: Mr. Accountability has retired due to disability.

Eldest Accountability son aka Big A is in his twenties and will always live at home because he has Down Syndrome. 

Accountability, Jr. aka AJ is the youngest. AJ currently lives at home and works as a systems administrator. UPDATE: AJ moved out on his own in July 2012.

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