Update on Balance Transfer Plan (Fall 2014)


Back in October I wrote about my plan for my balance transfers.  Two of my credit cards were not at 0%, and on two others the promotion was ending (in December).

I really had to put together a plan this time because three of the cards were Chase and that made it tricky because [CLICK TO CONTINUE...]

Credit Card Processing Terminals Retail Requirement as Society Goes Cashless

The credit card giant, Master Card, put together a whitepaper called “Cashless Journey.” In it, they explain that “countries around the world are working to make their payment systems less dependent on cash.” This is because studies have shown that a transition away from cash payments is a sign of a healthy economy. For [CLICK TO CONTINUE...]

Balance Statement Credits – Are They Worth It?


I say yes. 

Here are some rules:

Make sure the card has no annual fees. Once you have been approved for the card, call the company and learn the details on earning the credit.  For example, ask for the dates purchases need to be made in order to qualify. Confirm that you will receive [CLICK TO CONTINUE...]

Budget Details October 2014


One of my readers, Walnut, asked if I would share my budget. I have not shared my budget in a long time and it has definitely changed.

I should say in advance that I will share my budget, and you are welcome to make suggestions but I feel like I am living very tightly [CLICK TO CONTINUE...]

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