Zenni Optical Glasses Finally Here!

AJ’s and my glasses finally arrived from Zenni Optical.  AJ’s glasses look nearly identical to the ones he got from Costco and the prescripton is perfect.

I wear progressives, but I ordered single vision because I wanted to see how Zenni did with a simple pair of glasses before trying something which I assume to be more complicated, like progressives.  The Zenni frames aren’t quite what I expected from the pictures they show on their site, but they will work out perfectly fine to wear once in a while if I feel like color coordinating my clothing with my glasses.  The prescription seems to be right on and if anything happens to my main pair, they will work out great.

Even though there was a glitch with Zenni (they shipped the wrong order), I had a great experience with their customer service and they eventually got the right glasses to us. It took less than a month from ordering to receiving, even with the mixup.

I would definitely use Zenni Optical again, and am planning to order another pair with sunglass tint (only an additional $4.95)!

I am glad I got my Costco glasses first, because my new prescription was a little different than my last, so by the time the Zenni glasses arrived my eyes were used to the new prescription. So going from my Costco new glasses, to my Zenni’s there was no adjustment.

English: A pair of reading glasses with LaCost...
English: A pair of reading glasses with LaCoste frames. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If it’s been more than two years since your last examination, I’d encourage you to get a new prescription.  It’s just a good idea to have your eyes examined every two years.  My maternal grandmother had glaucoma and because she got regular exams and the doctor found the problem early on, there was a laser procedure that could be done to relieve the pressure so that she didn’t lose her vision. Glaucoma is a silent and invisible illness that can lead to blindness, but can be treated if you catch it early.

While getting a pair of glasses using your old prescription will work, you do want to have a current prescription since you will be able to see more clearly with the right strength in your lenses. My prescription changed in the reading portion of my progressives and it is so nice to be able to just read without having to squint or take my glasses off to be able to see more clearly.

So my final recommendation is to try Zenni. I think you’ll be pleased with their product.

Mrs. Accountability

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4 thoughts on “Zenni Optical Glasses Finally Here!

  1. You’re lucky! It’s been a month since my order and mine still hasn’t been shipped to me. Every attempt to get an update has resulted in the same uninformative answer.

    Their e-mail support is atrocious–2 sentence responses that say the same thing over and over, “Your order is (just/not yet) _insert-whatever-step_. You should receive it in two weeks.”

    Their phone support isn’t much better, though one unnamed guy I spoke to was nice…although all the information he provided to me was later contradicted.

    But any good experience there is trumped by the bad one when I spoke to Anne at their support line and attempted to complain about the delays and uninformative e-mails I’d been receiving. Anne told me I couldn’t be upset about the language in the e-mails since their lab employees in China spoke better English than I spoke Chinese.

    The fact that I can’t get a straight answer about where my order is or when I will receive it is disconcerting. One day I call and am told my order hasn’t shipped from the lab, the next day I receive an e-mail telling me my order shipped from the lab 3 days prior. On another given day I’m told in the morning that my order hasn’t arrived at the office, then in the afternoon I’m told my order arrived at the office the day before.

    Since the support line told me orders at the office are shipped to customers the same day and I haven’t received a tracking number 3 business days later… well, suffice it to say I don’t have the vaguest idea what’s going on and haven’t throughout this process. When an order is this far overdue I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to know what’s up and why, but the support reps seem to be annoyed that I have dared to ask questions.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    absolethe, I hope you get some satisfaction soon! How very frustrating! Definitely people need to use at their own risk. I am sure you know this, but maybe you should just try talking to one person and when they aren’t helpful, hang up and call again and maybe you’ll find one who actually knows the meaning of customer service. Good luck, sorry you have having such terrible trouble. I do hope you’ll come back and let us know if you ever get any resolution. Thanks for stopping by, Mrs. A


  2. I just found your posts while surfing the net. Zenni optical looks like a good plan for a cheap pair of backup glasses, even though they only refund 50% if you just don’t like them. I am going to check out Costco, Target and Walmart and see which has the best glasses and service for the price. Thanks for sharing your experience!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Tamara: Thanks for taking a moment to leave a comment! I didn’t realize that Zenni did refunds on the grounds of just not liking the glasses. Thank you for letting us know that! Have a great day! Mrs. A


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