July 1st – Is It Your New Fiscal Year?

Just a quick update – sorry I’ve been missing in action.  The last week has been a whirlwind for my boss and I, as our agency runs on a fiscal year.  Yesterday was the last day and we spent it wracking our brains to make sure we got all the checks typed, the postage meter read, everyone’s expense reports, etc.  Today starts a new year. I’m still trying to get all of the manual accounting into our electronic system, I am getting closer and closer, but it’s still pretty hectic.

On the home front, as usual I’ve been busy with Mr. A’s business, and other things. We completed our last pickup for the side job we quit last month, on Friday. Over the weekend I designed a new logo for Mr. A’s business and we’re ordering more shirts, and this time baseball hats.  We’re also looking into whether we should combine his businesses, or keep them separate as they are now. It would be a lot simpler bookkeeping-wise right now, but we are looking to the future when if things work out as we hope we will be able to sell his one business.  He’s building a very nice client base, and we are starting to advertise more heavily in the cities nearest to where we live.  He’s still not making a ton of money, but things are looking good.  We’re also looking into making his business into an LLC.   I’ve contacted the local SCORE for advice and am still looking for an accountant that can give me financial advice for Quicken.

Financially on the home front we’re getting by – we’ve made a little dent in the debt and my 0% interest cards are nearing the end and will soon have interest rates so I need to start finding cards to transfer the amounts onto.

Our mortgage went up by a couple of dollars, we had an escrow shortage of $142, which we paid, but the amount still increased.  That’s okay, it’s only gone up to $514.

No car repairs in June, whew.  Wrong information. I hadn’t logged one costly repair in June, which was nearly $600.  After the whoppers in March ($1049), April ($363), and May ($346), we deserve a break. Thank you old vehicles for staying in shape. Not.

We’ve been invited to a July 3rd party and are planning to attend. I’m planning to bring a bunch of eggplant that we can grill and the hosts have a swimming pool and then we’ll all go to see fireworks in their community park. Should be fun.

What are your plans for the 4th?

Mrs. Accountability

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