Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

Not many comments lately – is everyone extra busy?  Are my posts extra boring of late?  I know, you’re all out playing in the sunshine because it’s finally spring!

Today I’d like to open up the floor to you. What would you like to know about me? Ask me any questions you may have and I’ll make a Questions and Answers post.

Just to sweeten the pot, I’ll give a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate to one person who submits a question. I might choose the winner by which question I find to be my “favorite” or I might choose the winner by random selection.

The rules:

  1. Ask me a question through comments on this post.
  2. Questions will be accepted until Thursday, April 30th, 2009, midnight PST.

Mrs. Accountability

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15 comments to Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

  • I know that I’ve been particularly busy lately trying to get the house arranged, prepare for the baby coming, and still have some sort of debt plan/budgeting that I adhere to. In addition, keeping my own blog up to date has been difficult lately as well.

    as to the question, what is your plan once you get out of debt? will you continue working, or will you start doing more to boost Mr. A’s business and focus on that? IOW, will getting out of debt free you to do something different, or are you happy with the way things are now (besides being in debt)?


  • Collette

    A) Love the new glasses btw. Gorgeous, may have to get myself a pair come September.
    B) You’re right, the weather is driving a lot of people outside. Myself, I’ll take Fall over a sunny day in April/May/June anyday.
    C) I was wondering, how you decided that not being self employed/contracting out/freelancing was the right thing for you. I am currently unemployed (my field is telecommunications administrative support) and have been since my layoff in 11/07. It’s been uber hard, but I am also a photographer. I wish I cuold muster up enough courage to start charging for my work (been taking photos for local bands/my daughter’s high school senior friends who need grad photos, and friends and family) and start freelancing, but can’t get past the ” don’t be riduculous, you’re not made for that, you need to be a nine to fiver and have the stability of the cube they put you in.” Your courage in just writing this blog astounds me. Anyway, just wondering. Thanks for all the really useful advice. Collette


  • I can’t believe I’m the first one to comment!

    You’ve written before about your garden (along with great pictures) and I really like those posts. I’m kind of glum because I’d like to have a garden too but it doesn’t seem very likely. We don’t get to our rural home often enough to take care of a garden there and we don’t have much space here in the city (because most of the lot is either house or concrete, asphalt or gravel and the drainage needs to be redone before we can rip out the hard surfacing).

    I can’t even grow plants inside because we have next to no natural light coming into our garden level suite (we share the house with Eldest Daughter and her family). I’ve killed every plant I’ve tried inside, including a pot of mint!

    My major interest here is in veggies, fruits or berries that our family can consume. I live on the West Coast so we get lots of rain (too bad I can’t send you some!) and the whole Urban Garden thing is definitely “in” here, as our city just passed a by-law permitting backyard chickens and part of the City Hall lawn is being transformed into a community garden!

    I’m scared of wasting more money on plants that will just die, so I need advice from someone with a green thumb. Do you have any experience with gardens that require minimal space and are practical for busy city dwellers? How much time does your garden take you on a weekly basis? Did you find it hard to get started back in the beginning?


  • nancy

    Do you ever get stressed out, and splurge on coffee or chocolate? 🙂


  • Financially speaking, what would be the best way to achieve the goal of moving several states away from your current city?

    1. You are married and both have jobs
    2. You own a home in your current city and would like to own one in the future city
    3. Your potential future employers do not offer relocation assistance.

    Okay, go! 🙂


  • Sheila

    I don’t have a question, but did think you wanted feedback, so I thought I would comment. Your posts lately have centered a lot on your husband’s busisness and especially taxes related to his business. The posts are great, but just don’t have any relevance to me personally. That’s okay – at other times you may focus on things that are interesting to me. I’m okay to skim through these and wait for more interesting (to me) things. I don’t know what percentage of your readers are self-employed. Maybe that’s why people have been quiet?


  • Sheila

    Just so I can be in the contest, I’ll add a question. 🙂 How do you stay focused on the ‘big picture’ when so much time and energy is used taking care of all the many details of life? For me, I read personal finance blogs. What do you do?


  • Have you found yourself an accountant yet? Good luck with your search.


  • Let’s see…I am interested in all of the self-employment stuff since I am myself. At what point do you think a person should get an accountant? What do you use to keep track of all the business money flow?


  • Fortunately, I have had to clean urinals only once in my life. I was visiting a friend who cleaned a church. I wanted her to be done more quickly so we could go somewhere, and offered to help.
    My only other urinal story is a funny one. When I was a newspaper reporter in Alaska, I did an article about ways to keep moose from eating ornamental trees. Gardeners had all sorts of advice, but my favorite was this: Hang urinal cakes on the tree — the moose don’t like the smell.
    Well, who would???


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hmmm… well, I would hope the “urinal cakes” to which they are referring were the deodorizing blocks placed in the bottom of urinals, not something else involving real urine because how sanitary would that be? I have heard of collecting ones’ urine to dribble at the perimeter of ones’ garden to deter wildlife, but that would be put on the ground, and would soak into the ground. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Donna!


  • Oops — that wasn’t a question, was it?
    How’s this, then: With the weather so hot in Arizona, do you avoid evaporation when you water your garden by burying soaker hoses in the ground?


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Donna, thanks for responding to my post and answering a question. The contest is over, but I’ll still answer your question. I used soaker hoses for many years, just laid on the ground. I never really thought about burying it. Unfortunately, due to hard water deposits in the soaker hose, it only works for about a year before totally clogging up and becomes useless. After soaker hose I tried microline hose, which has tiny pinholes every 6″ to 12″, but the pinholes get clogged up just like the soaker hose. At least with the microline hose, I can go through and poke the pinholes to let the build up through, which is just one more thing to have to do every few weeks. This year I’m building up the edges and deep watering by just letting the hose run until the area fills with several inches of water. Thanks again!


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