Yay, My Costco Glasses Arrived!

They called me on Thursday afternoon to let me know they were ready for pickup. AJ’s glasses were ready on Tuesday afternoon!  I wonder if in this economic downturn they aren’t as busy – maybe people aren’t buying as many pairs of glasses?  At any rate, they were ready so we stopped by on our way home after work.

I have a fun story to tell.  It just made me smile. AJ wanted to order a pizza on the way home and I suggested he order one from Costco as they are $9.95 for a large 18″ pizza.  We ordered the pizza first before we went to pick up my glasses.  I have been foregoing getting one of Costco’s Berry Berry Sundaes for quite a while and decided I just really wanted one this afternoon.  So I got one. They are $1.78 after tax and it just hit the spot.  I heard a lady exclaim, “Oh, that looks SOO GOOD, what is it?”  I looked around until I saw her and she said, “I’m sorry to bother you, but that just looks so good!”  I told her it was a Berry Berry Sundae, and I told her they were REALLY delicious.

BerryBerrySundaeWe walked off to go over to the optical department.  The Berry Berry Sundae is vanilla soft serve ice cream (possibly non-fat yogurt?) with a strawberry syrup poured all over it so it runs into the sides of the cup. They use whole strawberries, and of course it’s sweetened with sugar. I try to avoid sugar, and prefer natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. But sometimes I splurge.  Anyway, I got my glasses and they look cute, cute, cute on me!  I really like the way they look!  It is SO funny how styles change. Two decades ago I would NEVER have picked frames like these.

I put them on and they are so crystal clear!  Fantastic.  Now I’m excited to see how my Zenni Optical glasses work out.

After we got my glasses, we went back over to the food area to see if our pizza was ready. The lady who’d questioned me about my Berry Berry Sundae was sitting down with a couple other people and I had mine in hand and approached her table, I said, “Is it SOOOO delicious?”  and she responded, “Ohhhhh, it is wonderfully delicious.” And then I walked away. The other people hadn’t been with her previously, so they probably wondered what the heck was that all about. I’m sure she explained it to them.  Anyway, it was just a fun little interlude with a complete stranger that I thought I’d relate to you.

Earlier this morning I discovered that my glasses aren’t doing so well for me at the computer! This is not good at all, as I spend a lot of my waking hours here.  I’m having to hold my head tipped back so that my eyes look through the lowest part of my lenses.   I put my old glasses back on while at the computer because it was making me feel terrible, making me feel stressed out. Because I like getting things off my “TODO” list. I don’t like it when an item crossed off puts itself back ON the list.  When they opened at 10am I called to double check that my prescription was for trifocals and they said it was, they said to bring them back in and they would adjust the way they sit on my face and that should help, and they would also check the prescription to be sure it was correct in the lenses.

I told them I’m a long way from their store (33 miles) and would have to wait until Monday.  I’m trying my glasses again to see if I can adjust to them without holding my head tilted back. This could get really uncomfortable!

I love getting new glasses.  Now I’m set for a couple of years.  That’s a good feeling.  Do you wear glasses? Have you tried Costco Optical? What did you think of them?

Mrs. Accountability

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