Ordering Business Checks

I think we’re going to order checks for Mr. A’s business checking accounts from the company recommended by the credit union.  The brochure they gave me says the company is named Clarke American, but the website says they are now Harland Clarke.

I love looking through these little brochures, I know, I’m weird like that. I finally found the ones that I think we’ll order.  I checked a couple of online check ordering companies and the cost for the ones I’m planning to order seems reasonable.

Also, the online check ordering companies don’t give you the option for getting a deposit stamp.

I’m planning to order the Business Wallet ValuePack which includes:

  • 150 Wallet or Wallet Duplicate Navy Marble Checks
  • 40 Duplicate deposit tickets
  • Endorsement stamp
  • Classic leather cover
  • Register
  • Free Standard Logo

Single checks are $32.95. For two dollars we can get the duplicates, which I prefer.  So it will be $34.95 plus shipping for this bundle. We don’t write a lot of checks for the business, so this should last for quite a long time.

This is, of course, a deductible business expense.

Mrs. Accountability

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