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6 Issues You Can Avoid if You Have Yoga Instructor Insurance

Unfortunately, even the best intentions can end up backfiring if you are not careful. This is one reason most instructors who deal with the physical fitness of their students need to have a clause that protects them in the event of a lawsuit for alleged misconduct. While it might seem a little far fetched to think that it might happen to you, you would be surprised at how common some of the lawsuits can be. For the most part, it… Read the rest
Credit Card on Keyboard

How to Get a Good Loan even with a Poor Credit Rating

Almost everyone has been there at one point or another – most of us have experienced running out of funds or not having a good credit score. And when you’re in need, it can be difficult to avail of the loan you require, as many lenders are unnecessarily strict about their conditions and requirements. You may be seen as a ‘high risk’ client, simply because you’ve had some bad experiences in the past. Traditional banks and financial institutions wouldn’t be… Read the rest

What One Thing Do All MLM’s Promise?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my experience with signing up for an MLM and I shared one piece of advice if you are looking to get into the business yourself. Having been with the company for several months, I’m not sure I’m cut out for this business. I keep thinking if I just try harder, if I just talk to more people. I watch other people join up and start signing people up left and right. I… Read the rest
Your Affiliates

How Much Should You Pay Your Affiliates?

This is a question you might come across if you begin selling a product of your own. For this post I’d like to focus on affiliate payments for electronic products so think e-books, e-courses, etc., anything electronic that is pretty much passive.  Typically when you write an e-book and get it up for sale, you don’t put much more time into it, except of course to promote it or possibly revise it on occasion. But you do want affiliates because… Read the rest