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Darn it!  I thought I’d get that great package deal for $34.95 (plus shipping and handling) but as it turns out the catalog I was viewing was two years old!

One of my friends told me she has not bothered to order checks as she uses the BillPay feature provided by this credit union.  I contemplated trying to go without checks, but I prefer being able to write checks if necessary.  We don’t need to write many, but this just means they’ll last forever.  I know with the BillPay option at Wells Fargo the check doesn’t go out the same day you set it up. If it’s a weekday, it goes out in the next day or two. Sometimes Mr. A hires our son AJ for various jobs, and I would rather write him a check and hand it to him, than to go through BillPay.  Also, the transaction privilege taxes can be paid online – for a fee!  If you use a debit card, it’s $3.95 per transaction.  If you use a credit card, it’s 2.34% of the amount you are paying!  I figure the business checks run about thirteen cents each, plus a stamp and the envelope costs a penny, so that ends up running $0.56 per payment.  If the transaction privilege tax is under $45 then it ends up costing less to just pay online. But that also means I need to have the paperwork postmarked by the 20th.

I talked with a representative at length and we explored our options. I ended up purchasing a package for each business that cost $49.10 for the following items:

  • 150 duplicate checks
  • endorsement stamp
  • vinyl checkbook cover
  • 40 deposit slips
  • register

Another business expense.

After I put in the order, I discovered on June Walker’s site that you can order an endorsement stamp aka For Deposit Only stamp from direct mail label makers. I did go to the site she references, and I did find that the cost has increased from $7 to $9.95.  This means I could have saved about $10 on each order of checks. I hate spending more money than necessary, but it will be okay. I’m sure the stamp will last forever.

Actually, if I can find a place to order additional endorsement stamps from, and they are small enough, I may purchase two extra ones for Mr. A to carry in his “Portable Desktop” which is a Saunders 11017 Recycled Aluminum Redi-Rite Storage Clipboard – Letter Size – 8.5 x 12 inches so he can stamp the backs of checks as soon as he gets them.  Stamping the back of the check is supposed to prevent anyone else from being able to cash the check, and this would be good in case Mr. A’s portable desktop was ever lost or stolen with checks in it.

Mrs. Accountability

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4 thoughts on “Business Checks Ordered

  1. Hello Mrs Accountability,

    You may be interested to check out some of the low-cost financial products Bank-A-Count Corporation has to offer. While you may not have heard of the company (we’re really just getting started on building our online presence), but we’ve been around since 1955, and we are actually pretty well known in banking circles. I could get the physical dimensions of our pre-inked stamps if you’re interested – actually, I’m not sure why they aren’t already listed online… I guess I’ll be answering that question either way.



    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Tim, thanks for letting me know about your company and your business checks option. I’ll definitely keep you in mind when it’s time for us to order checks again. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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