Will The "New" Truck Be A Wise Investment?

I wrote about the “new” truck we purchased over the weekend. We discovered in the past few days of tracking mileage that this truck gets nearly 20mpg which is excellent.

Mr. A put 15,400 miles on his old work truck in 2008. The miles per gallon varied, depending on how fast he drove. When he could travel at 55 miles per hour, he could get 15 miles per gallon. But we live in an area where the only route into the big city is a highway with posted speed limits of 65mph on one route, and 75mph on the other. You take your life into your hands when you attempt to drive 55mph in the slow lane. Seriously. Driving at the speed limit, and with a heavy load on board, the MPG was down to a mere 10! OUCH.

Using my gasoline calculator*, I figure for the 15,400 miles, it would have taken 1027 gallons of gasoline if he got 15mpg by traveling at 55mph, and as much as 1540 gallons when the mpg dropped to 10 due to traveling at faster speeds.

For the sake of comparison, let’s pretend gasoline stayed at a constant $2.00 per gallon during 2008. The cost would have been: 15,400 miles @15mpg x $2/gallon for 1027 gallons = $2053

Or if he was getting 10mpg: 15,400 miles @10mpg x $2/gallon for 1540 gallons = $3080

We’re tracking the mpg the “new” truck is getting, and it looks like it is nearly 20! It will be a significant savings: 15,400 miles @19mpg x $2/gallon for 811 gallons = $1621

Our insurance will go up by $38.50 per month to add on this “new” truck to the policy. Yearly tabs should not be too costly as the vehicle is 12 years old.

From my preliminary examination, it looks like this truck is going to be a wise investment for Mr. A’s business in 2009. In some instances he’ll get nearly twice as many miles per gallon, which will be a great improvement. The truck was also very reasonable at $2000. It appears to be in very good condition, so hopefully the previous owner kept up with scheduled repairs.

*Read more about my gasoline calculator in this post.

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3 thoughts on “Will The "New" Truck Be A Wise Investment?

  1. It took a long time for me to upload the pictures. I didn’t have pictures already on my computer. However I am glad that I did. Far to often I have pictures stored that I never print so this worked out great.

    Glad you stopped by. Have a Happy Holiday.


  2. Hadias, yes that is my problem, too. Tons of pictures that I never end up making into prints. I really don’t like printing them on a home printer either. Thankfully my Internet connection is much faster nowadays (amazingly even faster than my employer’s). Thanks for visiting and posting!


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