I Hate Parking from Aaron Jacobs at Flickr

47 More Things We Hate Spending Our Hard Earned Money On

I Hate Parking from Aaron Jacobs at Flickr

In the first week of this month I participated in Blogelina’s 100 comments on my blog post event.  I composed a post entitled 10 Things We Hate Spending Our Hard Earned Money On and I actually had only nine items. I asked my readers and new visitors to please comment and let me know what they hate to spend their hard earned money on.

I had a lot of comments and after it was all said and done, 48 more items to add to my previous list.  Here is my original list:

  1. Electricity
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Supplements I can’t use
  4. Dentist
  5. Gasoline
  6. Junk Food
  7. Traffic Tickets
  8. Late Fees
  9. Lottery Tickets

And now for the items my visitors hate spending their hard earned money on (and I can agree with many of these items as well!)

  1. Water Bill utility (multiple people disliked this one)
  2. Buying underwear
  3. Toys
  4. Vegetables and Fruits that have no taste
  5. Sewer Bill
  6. Haircuts and Clothing
  7. Landline Telephone
  8. Watering the yard
  9. Soda and candy
  10. Car Repairs
  11. Bank Charges that are too high
  12. Bank fees, ATM fees, teller fees to have access to my own money
  13. Free trial memberships that we forget to cancel
  14. Library Fines (multiple people disliked this one)
  15. Taxes
  16. Food that goes to waste
  17. Taxes on Food Items
  18. Cancellation fees at the doctor’s office when you are too sick to move or have an emergency situation
  19. Student loans
  20. Trash service
  21. Diapers and Training Pants
  22. Real Estate Agents
  23. Insurance (multiple people disliked this one)
  24. Spending money on myself (multiple people disliked this one)
  25. Spending money on rent
  26. College Tuition
  27. Food at Restaurants (multiple people disliked this one)
  28. Large Cell Phone Bills
  29. Tax dollars toward bailouts
  30. Light bulbs
  31. Medicine co-pay
  32. Fancy coffee drinks
  33. Spending money on anything I can make myself
  34. Eating out
  35. Social Security Taxes
  36. Toilet Paper (multiple people disliked this one)
  37. Spending money on crafting supplies
  38. Satellite Television
  39. Parking (multiple people disliked this one)
  40. Paper Towels
  41. Husband’s Dirt Bike
  42. Spending money on something I have but can’t find
  43. Spending money on things that are mine (i.e. records from doctor’s offices)
  44. Buying defective clothing on clearance and no returns or exchanges
  45. Paying full price for anything
  46. Bills
  47. Parking or Tolls (multiple people disliked this one)

By the way… it was fun and excruciating to participate in the event.  Sylver Blaque guest posted at Blogelina’s and vented her frustration in How to Make Your Blog More Comment Friendly and Part 2 at her own blog Blog Commenting: Kill the Joker and Kick CAPTCHA to the Curb!

Do you have anything to add to the list?  🙂

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