Blast from the Past – February 2008

In February 2008, Out of Debt Again was still a baby blog barely six months old.

During that month we took a new direction as Mr. A  gave his two week notice at his regular job to pursue his own business full time. We went deeper into debt by using a credit card to pay for the past due child support that Mr. A owed to me and the State of Arizona.  Later in the month I updated on how the child support saga was going. 

I did a comparison for ScotTissue and Costco’s brand toilet paper in Flushing Money Down the Drain.  I shared how we were building Mr. A’s credit using a secured account (in 18 months it went from non-existent to 723!) and how I saved $338.50 on our six month auto insurance policy.

I warned how folks should be sure to watch paycheck deductions because I had discovered that Mr. A’s employer had taken an additional $800 in deductions for medical insurance, and confessed how I couldn’t find my life insurance policy number but even worse the company couldn’t find it either!  I have since found the number and now have it safely filed.

I blogged about whether I should help my sister with two more phones for her teens when she had already been kind of flaky about paying for her own phone bill in Helping Family Out Financially (to her credit she eventually set up an auto-payment through her bank and has done much better – and has also raised her credit score) and finally worked up my nerve to apply for my first 0% balance card so I could do a balance transfer.

I found and shared Vertex42 and the awesome spreadsheets and calculators  I found there.  I shared my concern that Vertex42 would begin charging for the spreadsheets and the owner of Vertex42, Jon Wittwer commented that he had no plans to do that. I’m happy to report that the spreadsheets and calculators are still free for personal use. Business customers are asked to pay for the spreadsheets.

Last but not least, this month included my very first Blast from the Past where I compared our expenditures from 2000 with those in 2007.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane!

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