Life Insurance

This relates to money in a way, since if I die, someone’s going to get some money since I pay life insurance.

I say “someone” because at the moment my beneficiary is my mother. I am trying to get the beneficiary changed to my husband, but I’m not sure where my policy is at. Therefore, I don’t know my policy number.

I signed up with Liberty Life Insurance Company at least seven years ago. I moved shortly after that and was very sick with pneumonia. We were moving 50 miles away from our then current home, into the country, out into the boonies, 22 miles from civilization and the hospital and grocery stores and doctor’s offices. So we opted to stay in our “city” home for four weeks while I was so ill. I have never been that sick in my entire life, before or since. I actually had to stay home from work, in bed, and didn’t even have the energy to check my home computer for email.

Anyway, the policy could be anywhere.

I called the company on January 25th and as it turns out, the number I called was the wrong company. They told me it was probably this other company and gave me the number. I called them and got a lady on the phone who said she could email me the beneficiary change paperwork and would send out a copy of my policy.

Thank goodness I had her email me the copy of the policy.

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It hasn’t arrived yet, but at least I had a way of contacting someone because when I called back on Monday to find out why my policy hadn’t arrived, I got an unhelpful guy on the phone named Chris.

First off, Chris told me that I couldn’t get a copy of my policy unless I mailed in a check or money order for $15. He also told me he couldn’t find me, without my policy number. He couldn’t transfer me to anyone else, either. Because there “are 10 divisions your policy could be located in”.

I asked him how it was that his company managed to withdraw money from my checking account each month faithfully, yet had no way of finding me? He didn’t have an answer for that.

It was so aggravating!!

I finally realized I had the email with me at work from the lady who’d sent the beneficiary update paperwork and emailed her to find out about my policy copy. She said it had been sent on the 28th. I have not received it yet, it should have been here by now. I am going to look through my mail for the past couple weeks this weekend, and make sure I haven’t overlooked it and then call her back.

Keep track of your policies! Don’t be careless like me!

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