Blast from the Past – May 2008

Hello to all my dear readers, will you walk with me down memory lane?

On the first I wrote Stimulate The Economy! and on the second did a Book Review: 101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers and wrote about our Balance Transfer Saga.

On the third I wrote about the Deadline for Filing Taxes to Receive Stimulus Check? On the fourth I issued a  Monthly Report for April 2008. On the fifth I shared that My Birthday’s Around the Corner and on the sixth wrote about Mr. A’s COBRA Medical Benefits and warned about the IRS Stimulus Payment Email Scam.

On the seventh I wrote that Mr. A paid $1.41 for five 12-packs of soda! Wow! and warned: Mother’s Day is Coming! On the eighth I asked When Will You Cry Uncle? Gas Price Woes when gas had gone up to $3.50 per gallon.  On the ninth I wrote about Spending my $30 Mervyn’s Gift Card.

On the tenth I shared What I Spent Part of My Revolution Money Exchange Bonus On and on the eleventh wrote about Mrs. Micah’s Finiwikian. On the fourteenth I wrote about a daily menu planner in It’s Time for Dinner and on the fifteenth I shared What I Almost Got for Mother’s Day.

On the eighteenth I shared about Our New (Used) Washer and Dryer andon the nineteenth our first attempt at the cash system in: Baby Steps Progress and Using the Cash System.

On the twenty-first I wrote this helpful piece:  How to Get the Most Out of Your Tires and I shared our Budget Busters and How I Got In and Out of Debt The First Time on the twenty-third.

On the twenty-six I shared how I Wet Washing My Wedding Gown and made a confession: I Haven’t Used Shampoo or Conditioner In 301 Days. On the twenty-seventh I talked about My First Time Using Craigslist and on the twenty-eight wrote about My Ethical Dilemma.

I shared that My Personal Banker Left Without Saying Good-bye on the 29th and expressed that I Love Housework; My Timer Is My Friend on the thirtieth.  On the last day of the month I posted an Electricity Update.

May 2008 was Out of Debt Again’s eighth month with the dubious honor of having the most posts: 34.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little walk down memory lane.

Yours Truly,

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