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Whoops! My apologies. I promised to post this yesterday, but we had a little crisis going on last night. One of our neighbor’s children was left home alone and we brought him home for the evening until Grandma finally got home around 8pm. I have been doing double duty at work, shadowing my boss to learn her job, so I can continue converting our manual bookkeeping to electronic. Combine that with my Internet connection at work was on and off so when I tried to post early in the morning before work, I was not able to. The last couple of weeks have been busier than usual.

On with my post…

I feel embarrassed that I didn’t catch this sooner, but last year was one heck of a year.

A couple of weeks ago when Mr. A’s check was another amount, yet again, I got frustrated and put in a call to the accounting office at his job. I work on the side for this company so I can do that.

I complained to the gal in Payroll that it’s difficult to budget when the paycheck is different every single payday, time and time again. I swear Mr. A’s check hasn’t been the same for the past six months. I asked exactly how much should be deducted from Mr. A’s check each month.

While waiting for her computer to boot up, she explained that January was a freebie month because the payroll company they outsource to had been taking insurance one month in advance, but starting in January they were stopping that practice and no deductions would be taken.

I had Mr. A’s checkstub with me as I was speaking to her, and asked her why then, for heaven’s sake, had $76 for dental been withdrawn for the month?

She was confounded by that, and said she’d have to do some research. That was Thursday afternoon.

Over the weekend, I sat down with Mr. A’s checkstubs for the past year, including his final checkstub and started wondering why so much money had been deducted. ESPECIALLY since I had been covering our youngest son through my job for the entire year up to August.

Beginning in September, there were double deductions taken from Mr. A’s check, to the point that he was threatening to cancel the insurance. They kept claiming this was to “catch up” since they had forgotten to take Mr. A’s deduction since he was enrolled in April. Mr. A is very healthy and has never had insurance coverage prior to this job. I personally think if you can have medical insurance coverage you should, so whenever Mr. A would complain and threaten to cancel, my brain would short circuit. That’s my only excuse for not catching this sooner!!

I put in a call to the office on Monday morning, and the gal and I determined that over EIGHT HUNDRED dollars in excess had been removed from his checks during 2006 2007!

She said she would get with her boss and discuss the situation. We gave her all of last week and Mr. A stopped by her office today. She greeted him with a check for $85.00. It seems the payroll company overcharged him on insurance for his February 1st paycheck. She also told him it was looking very much like we will soon have a check written to us for nearly $800. She even alluded that the company may cut the check sooner than later, while waiting for the payroll company to get things straightened out.

She confirmed that only $78 should be deducted from his paycheck each pay period.

We will be applying this “forced savings” to debt once it becomes available to us.

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