Deeper Into Debt Because Of Child Support

We’re going deeper into debt. I knew it was going to happen… The money is going to pay child support that my husband owes me.  We remarried but there was outstanding child support owed to the state so we are now both responsible for it. I forgave the amount that I could, but there is still several thousand that we have to pay.

Here’s what our debt looks like as of February 23, 2008:

Yesterday I called two lawyers that consult free over the phone. I asked them for advice on paying the child support.

I just wanted someone to tell me this is the only option.

Basically I was told the state is already doing us a favor by not sending the past due amount to audit, to have the finance charges tacked on, and when the state wants their money, there is nothing that can be done except to pay it.

We got the cashier’s check on Thursday. I will be mailing it certified and by Priority Mail on Monday. Goodbye five-thousand, eight hundred ninety-seven dollars and sixty-three cents ($5,893.63).  Hello more debt.

I can only be thankful that it isn’t thousands more since no interest has been applied, but it sure does sting.

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