Happy Valentine’s Day

Maybe this happened, and maybe it didn’t.

I’m not really into jewelry and have only a few pieces that Mr. A has bought me over the years from a local jeweler in one of the small towns nearby.

Yesterday he decided he wanted to get me something for Valentine’s Day. He picked up a pretty card, a dozen roses and then headed over to the jewelry store. The owner and her assistant were both pretty busy with customers, you can imagine, it being the day before Valentine’s Day.

He was looking in the cases, trying to find something pretty, and also reasonably priced. He pointed to something purple and thought I’d like that, so he asked to see it and asked the price. $2400 he was told. “Oh no, way out of the price range,” he exclaimed. The owner took him to another case, took out another pretty but it was too expensive, too. They walked a little further to the last case kind of hidden back in the corner. He squinted at the items in there, pointed to one. She drew it out, gave him the price to which he said, “Why that costs more than the wedding ring I bought her!”

At this point, unable to tolerate the antics of this cheapskate any longer, the owner reached into her pocket, pulled out four quarters and handed them to my husband. As he stood there wondering why she’d done that, she stepped from behind the counter, took him by the shoulders, steered him out the door and pointed across the way to the gumball machines.

Cast your vote, do you think this really happened? Or was it just a figment of our imagination? Click here to see what really happened that day.

Do you think that really happened to Mr. A?
Yes, I believe it happened
No, I think you’re pulling my leg

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9 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Since he was a repeat customer over the years, I assume the shopkeeper would have driven him off long before this if it actually occurred. That’s hint #1.

    Also, who goes to a store to buy something, finds the most expensive item, turns it down because of the price and then progressively says “Whoa! That’s way too much!” to other items? Kind of wasting time.

    It makes more sense to give the shopkeeper a pricerange; so much sense, in fact, that most shopkeepers are in the practice of proactively acquiring this pricerange, which is the second reason I doubt it happened (at least in the literal detail described).


  2. My brother told me that he plans to propose to his girlfriend later this year. His plan is a gumball machine ring to go along with his proposal 🙂 As a doting big sister, my opinion is that any girl who is good enough for my brother will think the gumball machine ring is great! He said that after they get engaged, they’ll pick out a ring together (either a fake diamond, if she wants, or something quirky – no real diamonds or crazy amounts of money either way). I think it’s a great plan!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    I love this idea, how cute! You’ll have to let us know how it went over on your blog. Thanks for commenting, Frugal Babe!


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