Did I Ever Tell You About the Time We Ate Dog Food?

Why would someone eat dog food? We’ve all heard stories about elderly people who are so poor and desperate that they would eat canned dog or cat food. Then there are those stories about people living in or visiting the United States from another country who routinely eat cats and dogs and so they [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

How to Recycle Dental Floss Tutorial

I’ve talked before on my blog about my frugal grandmother.  Grandma lived through the Great Depression and as a result she was extremely frugal for the remainder of her life.  I remember going to her house after dark and every light was turned off except for one small bare bulb lamp in the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

15 Stupid Ways to Run Your Business

These are the top fifteen stupid business practices that I’ve seen in my lifetime.  I know you’ve probably seen some of these and more, please take a minute and let me know in the comments the stupid ones you’ve seen.

Go without adequate sleep for months on end. This used to be called “burning [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Maybe this happened, and maybe it didn’t.

I’m not really into jewelry and have only a few pieces that Mr. A has bought me over the years from a local jeweler in one of the small towns nearby.

Yesterday he decided he wanted to get me something for Valentine’s Day. He picked up a [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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