What Really Happened on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Flowers

Thanks to everyone who voted, that was fun. 🙂 I hope you got a little chuckle out of my Valentine’s Day post.

Mr. A told me the story of what happened, and it wasn’t quite that way, but while he was telling me we started thinking of how funny it would be if the store owner had done just that. We laughed and laughed just imagining it, how confused he would be, how determined she would be to get rid of him once and for all. How delighted, how his eyes would have lighted up, seeing the gumball machines with little fake rings inside.

He did go in and look around and he’s just not sophisticated like that to know how much something costs, so he was just looking at what he thought I might like, and then honestly shocked at the price. But there isn’t a dark corner with cheap jewelry and she didn’t shove him out the door to gum ball machines.    In fact, I think that’s what cracks me up so much to imagine, because she is a petite, very sweet lady and it’s totally opposite of her personality.  And most of what he was looking at did cost more than my wedding ring. It was $200 and was a combination Mother’s Day, birthday and wedding ring that he gave to me in 2007.

They were having a sale that day, and the ring he got me was originally $200, discounted to $115. It is really pretty, with 11 diamond chips and it has a ribbon effect to it.
Valentine's Day Gift

I always feel  a twinge of guilt reporting these gifts, because in my heart I think we should be scrimping every penny to pay off our debt. But my husband likes to buy me presents now and then, and sometimes for holidays he’ll do something special like this.  I’m not easy to surprise, but I love being surprised.  This was a COMPLETE surprise, and I was so delighted at his surprise.

Laughing together about something silly like my Valentine’s Day “story” is one of the reasons I love Mr. A.  His wacky sense of humor has me giggling and laughing almost daily. Even though life is busy, and stressful, he always comes up with something.  He’ll even call me on the phone in the middle of the day. Another thing I love is how he buys me little food gifts.   In December I cleaned up my diet and am focusing on eating traditional foods, so one of things he used to do was was buy me a sweet treat, like a Milky Way Dark, and I’d stash it in my top drawer until I wanted some chocolate.  But now the special treat will be a gorgeous red bell pepper, or he’ll pick out a bunch of asparagus that is thin (I prefer the thin over the thick), and fresh mushrooms.  And he always buys them on sale which I also love.

What do you love about your sweetheart?

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4 thoughts on “What Really Happened on Valentine’s Day

  1. I know what you mean about feeling weird about nice gifts. Tim’s presents to me were a little extravagant (despite a dollar limit agreed upon beforehand). But I love them. One was a very nice ring/necklace set of (lab-created) sapphire. That one I had looked at when we were at an outlet mall for a mystery shop. But I had no idea he sneaked back later and picked them up. The one that really blew me away was the Coach clutch, though. I’m not usually a huge fan of the brand, but it’s cute and a kind of dark purple that can pass for black at a glance and there aren’t Cs all over it. Anyway, I know for a fact that he went a little over the agreed-upon limit. But I love my presents too much to scold him for it. So I try to enjoy them because, otherwise, the money the guys spent on us with love and the best intentions was wasted!

    Plus your guy got a really good deal!


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  3. Nice flowers. Nice gifts are good on special occasions particularly when they come from the heart and do not break the bank. We were going to go to a diner that would cost us about 100 bucks. We opted for the $25 on instead tip included.
    What do I think of my sweetheart? I wrote a blog about her. Never boring.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Daddy Paul. Nice tribute to your wife. Thanks for sharing.


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