My Money Story – The Twenties

I managed to extricate myself from the “foster family” at the age of 21.  Basically I went to work one morning, the day before Thanksgiving, and never returned.

After living with my boss and his wife for a couple of months, I moved into a trailer park that was the least expensive I could find. I was very frugal. I spent hardly any money on extraneous items. I was very tight with my money. I donated to my church, I paid my bills, I saved money in monthly installments to pay yearly bills. I ate frugally. I didn’t buy extra foods that I liked to eat. I didn’t own a car, instead choosing to carpool to work with a friend or rode the bus.

Mr. A and I met and had a whirlwind romance, marrying within three months of beginning to date each other.  We had enough money for a while. We even managed to put $50 every week into savings, and we bought our first home.  But within a year things started to crumble. Mr. A quit his job and a few weeks later I gave birth to our first son. As my job offered better benefits, we decided that I would go back to work after my maternity leave was up, while hubby became the stay at home parent. I’ll never regret that, as he is a wonderful father and I’m so glad he had the opportunity to be there when our children were young. We had just enough money coming in to make ends meet. We couldn’t afford a car, so again I carpooled to work with a friend. I continued to be frugal with everything.

We went on that way for about four years, but unfortunately things went from bad to worse, and I made the decision to get out of my marriage. I’d recently been laid off from my job and was on unemployment. Hubby had been working, but lost his job also. Now we were both unemployed. It was a bad time in our lives. I discovered since my child was disabled I was eligible to apply for welfare and would be allowed to be a stay at home mother to care for my child.

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