True Confessions: I Bought a Brand New Car

Honda Civic

All of my adult life I’ve had an opinion about people who bought brand new cars.  I have to admit I’ve been harshly critical of anyone making this choice.  I seem to be eating a lot of crow in my 5th decade because last month I made the decision to buy a brand [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Do This One Thing First Before You Get Into Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

This is a True Confessions post, one wherein I bare my soul and most embarrassing financial moments.

Do you remember when I told you about the time I almost married the Amway salesman. Or the time when I was an Avon Lady?  And then there was my mother-in-law’s stint in Amway.   I remember her telling [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Why I Want My Mom to Upgrade to a Smartphone

You might recall the fuss I made about a year ago when I listed the reasons why I don’t need a smartphone, and how I subsequently broke down and finally bought a smartphone.   Now I want my mom to upgrade to a smartphone.

I should tell you right off the bat that she’s [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

I Succumbed to the Late Night Shopping Bug

There’s some kind of cold virus going around and my son AJ brought it home, gave it to his big brother and then I caught it. It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep… and I turned on the television just to see what was on. I don’t watch much television [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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