A Letter to Myself

Ninja over at Punch Debt in the Face asked us to join him in writing a letter addressed to ourselves ten years from now. He said he was tasked with writing a letter to himself the summer after high school and it would be sent to him six months later. So he asked us to join him in a similar exercise.

I said I’d be interested in joining in, so here goes:

Dear ten years older Mrs. Accountability,

Girl, you don’t look a day over 36!   It’s now 2020.  Wow.  Ten years have flown by at rocket speed. If you thought time was flying by in 2010 – that was NOTHING – it is moving at warp speed now.

You were able to retire from your “day” job in 2012 as you planned in your Five Year Financial Plan.  Amazingly, your health improved in leaps and bounds once you were able to drop the “day” job and concentrate on making money via your other side hussles. Mr. A sold his first/main business about one year ago for a very nice sum.  He had managed to build a large clientele and although many of his customers were sorry to hear that he was selling the business, the second business was beginning to boom.  You’ve always said it was more lucrative, and it can be done in his shop on the property, and is now the main source of income for our family.

Another side effect of quitting the day job, you finally were able to manage your time efficiently and you got organized for once in your life!  I’m so proud of you! I wish you could have known how easy it would be once you actually had enough time to get everything done because I know you stressed out a lot over thinking you were dreadful at time management.

You have two little grandchildren now, they are quite precious to you.  AJ finally met Miss Right, your daughter-in-love is a wonderful girl, and as close to a daughter as you ever could have wished.   AJ lived in the big city for a few years, but now that he has children he decided living out in the country would be better for them so he and Miss Right are living in the small guest house that you and Mr. A built a couple of years ago.  You are in heaven because you can see your little grand babies every day. It works out great for AJ and Miss Right because they basically have a live-in babysitter!  Big A is healthy and happy, and remains at home, as you and Mr. A have always planned to care for him all his life. Plans are in the works to have your mother move in as she has gotten to the age where she doesn’t want to live alone any longer.

There were a couple of hitches with the debt repayment plan, you are debt-free all but the mortgage debt which will be paid off in one more year (originally you estimated it would be paid off by 2020).

You have a fabulous garden and after you retired you set up a little vegetable stand on the corner of your property to sell  vegetables.  You’ve built up quite a clientele, people have become much more health conscious and come in droves on the weekend.  You have plenty of time to knit and crochet; and still think about that yarn store you’ve wished to have all these years, but have never quite gotten around to doing anything about it.  Interesting, the corner store you thought would work great has been empty again for several months. All these years it seems that corner of the building was for your yarn shop… maybe you should start looking into it more seriously?

You have two years worth of emergency fund saved, and you and Mr. A have built up a nice retirement fund. Remember how you were always a little bit nervous about not having one?  You also give charitably to your church and good causes.  Sometimes, you buy money orders and drop them in laundromats in poorer neighborhoods.  You also help out family members in need, but you are careful to help them in ways so that you are not enabling them. You always give the money to them, rather than loan it.

I always have been wordy, and if I let myself, I’ll write a short novel, so I’m going to close now.

Love and hugs, a younger Mrs. A

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Thanks, Ninja, this was a great exercise!  Be sure to read Ninja’s letter and check out 2020 Ninja!!  You just gotta laugh at the look on 2010 Ninja’s face!! LOL!!

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