Five Year Financial Plan

I was reading over at No More Spending’s site about Laura’s five year plan.

Wow. What a concept.  I have never actually written down any kind of plan for my future.   I have a loose idea of what we want to do, obviously paying off our debt would be at the top of the list.  And I have some ideas on what we need to do for Mr. A’s businesses as the extra money becomes available.

I think I’ll try to hammer something out right now using Laura’s example:

2010 to 2015:


  1. We’re completely free of credit card debt 2013
  2. We have saved 1 year’s worth of living expenses in 2014
  3. We have a healthy emergency fund (at least $5000)
  4. Save for the purchase of a vehicle to replace my 14 year old Pathfinder


  1. Build my office addition to our home in 2010
  2. Replaced the carpet with tile or wood in 2011
  3. Refinance home for a 15 year mortgage in 2010 and have less than five years left until we’re paid off by 2015 (that was confusing!  I meant to say 5 years left to the mortgage by 2015, which makes the mortgage paid off by 2020)


  1. I’ve retired from my “day job” and work part-time for Mr. A by 2012
  2. I’ve continued writing on my blog
  3. Turn Mr. A’s business into an LLP in 2010


  1. Restore my health through healthy eating with signs of healing by end of 2010
  2. Get more organized with my time

What about you? Have you ever written a five year plan?

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5 thoughts on “Five Year Financial Plan

  1. Wonderful, great plan, I love it. It’s so great to try and visualise where you’ll be in 5 years time; I do it every day, it keeps me focused.

    Part time in 2012, and mortgage gone in 2015, now there’s something to aim for 🙂


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Laura! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Hey I was a little bit confusing there, so I have updated on my plan. I meant to say 5 years left to the mortgage in 2015 (so paid off by 2020). 🙂 I sure hope I can “retire” from my regular job in two years. That would be so awesome! I would still work for my hubby’s businesses keeping his books, but I love doing that. I’d have SOOOOO much more time for blogging, my first true love! Thanks for the inspiration! Mrs. A


  2. There are two place you can find forecasting software. Get the book Winning in Biz which has a chapter on how to do a forecast and includes an Excel template to prepare a multi-year forecast or go to their step 15 of the 20 step business program were you will find upscale software.


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