Auto Insurance Due Again

We pay our auto insurance every six months. We have three vehicles insured, with three adult drivers, one soon to be 20.

I feel a lot of pressure and stress about our debt. I just wish it would go away. It just seems to be overwhelming at times. If I had more energy, if I had more time, I think we could do much better.  When I get into these funks, I try to think on the bright side. So the other day I was realizing that it’s time to pay the auto insurance again.  And instead of feeling stressed out, and needing to put it on a credit card, I was relieved beyond words by how wonderful it is that we are actually saving money each month toward this bill.  It’s not an emergency fund savings, but money that is actually being set aside for paying the auto insurance.

And that makes me feel good. I’m glad we are accomplishing that goal.  Three years ago, we were paying our auto insurance on a monthly basis, which costs more when you do it that way. But now we save money by paying six months at a time.

We are also saving up every month for three other bills in this way. It is such a good feeling to know the money is sitting there when the bill comes due.

Yours Truly,

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