Blast From the Past August 2008

Hello my dear readers! If you’ve been following this series you’ll know we’re about to walk down Memory Lane back to the first year Out of Debt Again was published on the Internet.  My third year blogoversary is coming up on September 27th and I’m planning a big giveaway, so don’t miss it! One of the requirements for entering the contest is you will need to be subscribed to my RSS feed, so you might want to go and do that now to get a head start.

My first post of the month back in August 2008, I asked What Is Your Time Worth? where I talked about various times in my life when I’d felt guilty for charging a decent amount for my time. I had to think for a few minutes to remember who the “friend” was who was knitting a scarf!

On the 11th I posted with some Thrift Store Finds which included suitcases and some beautiful purple yarn which I’ve still not used! Maybe I should dig it out and take it with me on my trip.  I definitely need a project that I can work on while traveling.  I think I’ll make this a crocheting project rather than a knitting project, in case the airlines don’t like knitting needles.

On the 12th I said If You Drive A Lot, Make Sure You Have Towing Insurance where I talked about the one time in the last few years that I allowed our AAA to lapse. Check out the post and don’t miss the scrawny tow truck driver wearing flip-flops. I was probably standing there with my mouth hanging open because it’s pretty darned hot in Arizona in August and this guy was not decked out like your normal tow truck driver. On the 13th I talked about Making Money Online and shared the various things I do to earn money when shopping online. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’ve become addicted to shopping online. I have always loved getting letters and packages in the mail, and when I found out we were going on vacation I had to order a few things for the trip and I’m so excited for them to arrive.

On the 22nd, I discussed the meaning of the phrase Counting Your Chicks Before They Hatch and I also talked about the very frustrating experience I had with a doctor who used to be our pediatrician. On the 25th I wrote about the Singer Tiny Serger TS380 which still gets a lot of visits and has quite a few comments.

On the 26th I wrote AJ Gets A Checking Account and on the 27th I wrote The Cost of Helping Strangers… I try to help folks out when I can but when sometimes it can become a problem.

On the 28th I wrote how I Fell in a Pothole at the Mall.  I was okay physically but my glasses were pretty dinged up as a result. Thankfully the mall eventually paid for a brand new pair of glasses to replace the damaged pair.

On the 29th I wrote how I was considering Combining my Internet and Phone to Save $780/year. I decided to go for it and ended up with blazing fast Internet.  I’ve never looked back.  Also on the 29th I wrote about Just a Few Random Things, mostly an update for previous things that had gone on in the month.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip with me down Memory Lane.

Remember, September is my 3rd blogoversary event!

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