Meeting Bloggers in Washington DC!

I’m back from my trip to Washington, DC. I stayed in a phenomenal hotel, one that did indeed have a “full kitchen”.  In an earlier post, I assumed “full kitchen” meant a microwave and refrigerator.

And on Friday night the 27th, I got to meet with some of the great bloggers that live in and near Washington, DC.

We met at a little place called Cup’a Cup’a which is near the Kennedy Center.   I don’t drink coffee, and my husband found that they did have herb tea (the counter lady told me they didn’t, looked at me like I was a little whacked to want tea at a coffee joint).

Anyway, I had a great time meeting with a few bloggers from the area. Mary Scohera greeted me at the door, she writes at The Frugal Buzz.  Then SweetSue from Recession Proof Thinking arrived. The three of us ladies chatted about an hour and pretty soon we spotted J. Money from Budgets are Sexy! sporting a mohawk.  Mary departed and soon Mighty Bargain Hunter showed up.  Then Sue had to leave and Converting Me By Spendthrift showed up. We were at Cup’a Cup’a until they closed at 8pm. Mr. A took a walk down to the Lincoln Memorial and after waiting for three hours for me to meet with my blogger friends, he was anxious to check out the Kennedy Center so we went that way while the bloggers walked down to Foggy Bottom Metro Station where Brad from Enemy of Debt was waiting with his family.

It was great meeting with these other bloggers.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet up with me!

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