My Guest Post at The Digerati Life

My guest post at The Digerati Life is up – Baking Cookies and Sharing Them in a Cookie Exchange! Thank you SVB for including my post today!

I’m feeling better, but life has totally got into the way of blogging. First the head cold helped none with regards to actual coherent thinking, and then our audit was being conducted at my job this week and in addition to all my own work that has to be done, I also had to dig out reports and receipts and any and everything else that the sweethearts needed from us.  Mr. A and I celebrated our third anniversary (for our second time around) this week and we’ll be spending some time together tomorrow to which I’m looking forward.


Money Crashers has a brand new way to show how personal finance bloggers stack up to each other. Whoo, I’m getting dizzy on the ride… first I was at 179, then I slid way down to 224 and now I’m back to 184.  Not too shabby!  Being a numbers girl, I am totally fascinated at looking at the different ways for rankings. I especially liked the option for selecting a category –  if you happen to be in a specific niche, say Christian Personal Finance, you can select that category and see how you compare to the others in your niche. I told Andrew I thought it would be neat to be able to see the guys vs. the ladies, and also the anonymous bloggers vs. the “real” bloggers.

I also love that you can search for a specific blog, instead of having to searching through each page.  But you know what the best thing of all is?  The SEMRush report.  By looking at that report, you can have a peek at the most popular keywords for a blog. I’ve grabbed my badge and right now it’s residing at the bottom left hand corner of my blog. Check it out to see where I am today.  The tool estimates Out of Debt Again as being worth a whopping $2327! Yessiree!  I’m gonna be retiring before we know it!  Dude! That’s actually more than my fully vested share at work, which is a modest sixty bucks after 10 years employment.  😉

Mrs. Money at Ultimate Money Blog is having a giveaway for one pound of bulk herbs, go over there today and enter to win!  You just need to be subscribed by RSS and submit the secret code, like Ultimate Money Blog on Facebook, and tweet about the contest to earn points.

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