I Haven’t Left For My Vacation Yet

Did you think I was already gone since I neglected to post last week after I announced we were going on vacation?

What happened is the prior weekend totally wiped me out.  My goal for each weekend is to stay at home the three days I’m off from my regular job.  That gives me a chance to get the house tidied up again, schedule some blog posts and take a look at our personal finances.

However, last Friday (the 6th) I finally went to visit my friend who had the triplets and although I’m feeling much better since embarking on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet I overdid it with the rocking and bouncing and patting of babies.  Three babies is a lot of babies!  And I was only helping my friend with one baby at a time while she handled the other two.

Then on Saturday I decided to go with Mr. A to my momma’s house.  Mom’s refrigerator wasn’t working properly and Mr. A had been over a couple days earlier to see if he could fix it.  He was not able to and we were able to find her a nice refrigerator from Craigslist for only $100. Her old one was pretty old, and the “new” one is a 2003 model with a much lower energy rating.   I feel like we got pretty lucky since the lady selling it had just posted it one hour earlier and it was exactly the right size to fit in its spot in my mom’s tiny kitchen, not to mention the color matches her stove perfectly and the door opens the right way, too!

Since we had to take Mr. A’s truck and the air conditioning isn’t working it was hot and uncomfortable since the humidity was up that day.

That left me with only Sunday to recuperate from those babies and going to visit my mom. Not to mention I was still getting everything figured out for our vacation!

So that’s where I’ve been.   Tomorrow I’m going to ask for you help with something I need to do before we leave on vacation, so I will look forward to your responses.

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