How Can I Use My Leftover Yarn? Donate Preemie Hats

One great way to use up leftover yarn is to make preemie hats and donate them to hospitals.

Wool Works: Knitting for Charity has a comprehensive list for organizations throughout the United States that accept donations for children in need. You might also consider asking your local hospital(s) if they have need for preemie hats, or even preemie blankets.  If they don’t, they will probably know of a nearby hospital that could use your donations.

There are probably thousands of preemie hat patterns from which to choose, but as I mentioned yesterday this is my favorite: Bev’s Stripey Newborn or Preemie Hat.  At Bev’s there are dozens of patterns for knit or crochet preemie hats (and other items) from which to choose.

The hats I made weighed in at 6/10ths of an ounce for each one.  All three combined weighed a whopping two ounces!  That included the decorative edging and personalization of each hat. Here is a photo of the hats in progress… I actually made four hats. My hubby and son said the peach colored hat looked too feminine, so I ended up making one lavender, one blue and one green hat for the babies.

Crocheted Premature Baby Hats

I made the hats for my friend who is carrying triplets and as is often the case with multiples, the pregnancy is high risk and I doubt she will carry the children to term.   After reading this article, Average Cost of Delivering a Baby, I wondered how much her costs will be for delivering three special babies! Thank goodness she has insurance as she cannot consider the less expensive options, such as homebirth.

Her baby shower is later today, so I made three tiny hats yesterday.  I stayed up until midnight prettying them up and I even sewed their names onto each one.  I really am happy with the way these little hats came out.  I wished I had had time to make a baby sweater for each one, but they will likely be born during the summer so it it probably just as well.

Crocheted Preemie Hats

I also went to Ross Dress For Less because I had funds left on a gift card.  There was quite a selection of baby clothing, shoes and other baby items.  It took me quite a while to finally decide on the selection.  They just happened to have three pairs of newborn baby shoes, one for a little girl and two for boys.  I snagged those up immediately.  I ended up spending all that was left on my gift card to buy several other items I hope she will find useful.  All told I bought three hooded towel bath sets, two boxes of ten washclothes, three cute as a button pairs of newborn shoes, 6 month old onesies (5 blue and 5 pink), and 6 yellow and green receiving blankets. It’s a pretty good sized box of items, but she’s having three babies! 🙂 It has been a while since I’ve been to a baby shower and I’m looking forward to this one, especially since I haven’t seen my friend in a while and she is reportedly already huge!

Lots of baby items from Ross

Cute newborn baby shoes

What are you up to on this beautiful day?


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10 thoughts on “How Can I Use My Leftover Yarn? Donate Preemie Hats

  1. AHHH I died a little inside! Everything is SO CUTE. This is a great idea to use up yarn!

    And where is the black floor at in your house? It rocks!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Mrs. Money, thank you. They were adorable and so easy to make. The black floor is actually a dark sheet on our bed that has moons and stars and planets on it. 🙂 I wish the floor was black! It would look so awful right now. We have carpeting and it is light beige and oh dear, what a mess. It needs to be replaced!


  2. I’m so glad that you got some bigger sizes, too. Showers tend to get the itty-bitty stuff only, because it’s so cute. Then, a month or less goes by and the kid can’t fit in it.

    Of course, this is a special case. Like you said, it’s highly unlikely she’ll go to term. I’m glad you thought to plan for that. And yarn is stretchy enough, they can wear the hats for a bit. (Lilian is such a pretty name!)

    The stuff is adorable and I’m sure it will elicit plenty of girly squeals.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Abigail, surprisingly there weren’t many squeals when the baby hats came out, but my friend told me later she loved them so much because they had been personalized. Actually, the pattern makes for a very stretchy hat so they should be able to wear them for quite a while. And being that they are handmade, they will last for many washings. Thanks for commenting. Love your new site!


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