Blast From the Past – June 2008

And now it’s time for our little walk down memory lane. In June 2008 Out of Debt Again was in its infancy, barely ten months old.

On the 2nd, I shared a story about my friend whose Mother is Rolling Over In Her Grave – a Credit Card Debt Story which was featured on MSN Money on the 14th.

On the 5th I shared Make Your Own Magnetic Business Signs and on the 7th provided an Excel Gasoline Calculator for my readers in Calculate Your Gas Usage.

On the 8th I paid My Very First Snowflake! and on the 16th I shared how Mr. A Finds Dimes.

On the 17th, I hosted my very first Carnival: The Eight Little Pigs – Festival of Frugality #130 and on the 18th shared the story of My Mom’s $6480 Washing Machine.

On the 21st, I talked about home decorating in I’ve Got to Replace That Couch and on the 23rd discussed frugal limits in A Truly Frugal Person…

On the 24th, I shared my favorite deodorant in 5 Years Worth of Deodorant – Only $5 Bucks and on the 26th I shared 258,000 Miles and Counting on my Nissan Pathfinder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane!

My favorite posts this month were Her Mother is Rolling Over In Her Grave – a Credit Card Debt Story and My Mom’s $6480 Washing Machine (and by the way she’s still renting that machine).

Yours Truly,

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