April and May 2010 Monthly Report

April 2010 Monthly Report

My gas costs went down since AJ got his own car. He was filling my tank at least twice a month, but I didn’t realize what an impact it would have on my gasoline costs once he started driving his own vehicle.$188 of the auto expenses was due to our AAA being renewed, and an additional $90 for AJ’s car to be added to our policy until it renews in August.

I usually include our television satellite service in Entertainment, but this month for some reason there was a glitch with the auto-payment (also with my T-Mobile auto-payment) and we were not billed for that monthly amount (until May).

We went over on Gifts for this month… considering it was Big A’s birthday I think we did very well.  I really need to get a birthday fund set up.

I increased the grocery amount since there were five Thursdays, which is the day we get our grocery money from the bank.  We still managed to go over.

Credit card interest was higher than I’d anticipated.

And on to the May report.   I have really been behind on my monthly reports. I hope to become more timely with the June report.

May 2010 Monthly Report

In the month of May, I carpooled with AJ almost every single day that we went in to work.  I filled his tank a couple of times, he paid for the rest.  Sure would be nice to see a gasoline expenditure that low every month.

Beauty/Sundries included my Zenni Optical sunglasses and a pair for AJ, which I had not publicly disclosed on this blog in case he happened to read my blog and spoil his surprise.  His sunglasses are fine, but I had to return mine since I couldn’t get the frames to hold an adjustment.

I went over on Clothing, but this was the month I bought practically an entire new wardrobe since my clothes were four sizes too large.

Entertainment holds the two satellite television charges (for April and for May).

I went over again on Gifts – I wonder if I need to up this category?  I seem to keep going over every month.  Or do I just buckle down and stop being frivolous!  This month the expenses were due to a coworker who is having a surprise baby seven years after the birth of their second.  They held a raffle and everyone who brought a package of diapers would be in the raffle.  To my dismay, when I was finally entering the receipts into Quicken over the weekend, I discovered that we had been charged full price for the diapers!  I had only expected to pay $4.70, and the cost was $9.39!  I am usually so faithful to look at every receipt while I’m leaving the store. I am annoyed with myself for missing this one.

Groceries were over again.  Just a reminder, we are feeding four adults in this household, three of whom are men.

We went over on Household Expenses, but not by much.

Credit card interest was less than the $200 allocated, I hope to see that go down even more in June.

I had a doctor’s appointment in May – our new insurance only charges $20 for the co-pay at a specialist, the old insurance charged $40. So that was a nice savings.

I stocked up on office supplies in May.

Mr. A went over on his “allowance” by $33.42.  I had a birthday this month, and there was also Mother’s Day.  No big ticket items this year from Mr. A. I think I managed to thoroughly take the wind from his sails in that arena.

I’m still thinking about my new budgeting plan, but haven’t come up with a solution yet.

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  1. Goodness! I’m impressed with your organization! The charts help so much, I have an excel sheet I use but problem is I am the only one who uses it and I am not sure that I get ALL of the receipts. It’s a guideline, anyway.


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