Featured on MSN Money! My Friend Mortgaged Her Condo

I’ve been missing in action the past week or so! I had that training conference to attend and in the days before I was preparing for the three days away from home, packing and getting everything lined up so I could be away without leaving my family in too much of a lurch and was so busy that I didn’t have time to spend on this blog.

Today our boys took Mr. A out for bowling and to see The Incredible Hulk for Father’s Day. I’m pretty wiped out from the last three days of training – my brain felt like it was popping last night from all the information – so they let me stay home to recuperate. Thanks guys, and thanks for holding down the fort while Mom was away! 🙂

I submitted several posts to carnivals last week; thanks to everyone who commented and visited.

While analyzing my blog visitors today I noticed that I had a lot of visitors on Thursday. I did submit to the carnival of snowflaking about My Very First Snowflake which comes out on Thursday, but I wasn’t included. The submission form was acting flaky so I submitted by email, but didn’t make the cut anyway. So my increase in visitors wasn’t because of that submission. 🙂 So I started drilling down and discovered that I was featured on MSN Money Smart Matter’s blog. Thank you Karen Datko for including my post about my friend “Nancy“.

I submitted several posts to the following carnivals for the week of June 9th to June 11th:

Her Mother Is Rolling Over in Her Grave – A Credit Card Debt Story was accepted in The Carnival of Money Stories #63 – Gather Round the Campfire hosted by Bible Money Matters.

Make Your Own Magnetic Business Signs was accepted in The 129th Festival of Frugality – Try a Little Harder This Week hosted by Money Ning.

And last but certainly not least Calculate Your Gas Usage was included at the 156th Carnival of Personal Finance – Songs of Summer hosted by Prime Time Money. I love this calculator I created in an Excel spreadsheet which helps me figure out quickly and easily how many miles per gallon I’m getting in both our vehicles, I know how much money I spend per mile which helps us cut down on fluff trips, and I can calculate how much money I’ll need to hold back depending on the current price, or I could put in a higher price to see what that’s going to look like.

On Tuesday I’m hosting the 130th Festival of Frugality, so don’t forget to send in your submission! If you’ve never submitted to a carnival it’s pretty easy. If you want to try participating in the Festival of Frugality, go over and read the submission guidelines page and then pick out one of your posts you’ve made recently, or post one real quick-like and submit it. As long as it is on the topic of frugality or saving money in a broad sense, you should be accepted.

Since I’m busy getting the articles all linked and ready to post on Tuesday morning at 9am EST, you might find I’ll be missing in action for another couple of days since all my spare time is going to have to go to organizing and posting.

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