Mr. A Finds Dimes

Clad Dime
Clad Dime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently there’s some weird phenomenon about finding dimes.

When Mr. A and I run errands together, and sometimes we go to three or four stores in one day, almost every single store we go to, every single time, he finds a dime. I have found a dime or quarter or penny every once in a while, but it’s almost freaky how he’s always finding dimes.

Here is a blog where the writer describes every dime finding event in detail: Finding Dimes

Apparently some folks think when you find a dime it’s a paranormal activity caused by a loved one who has “gone over” trying to communicate with you… hrrrmmmm….

Here’s a few more: Peace of My Mind : Finding Dimes

Why the Dimes?

Turning Mountains in Molehills and finding dimes

Here’s the google results URL for “finding dimes”.

Mr. A and I used to be quite superstitious but have stopped believing in that type of thing.

Do you find dimes? What are your thoughts?

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