Children’s Angel Foundation Thrift & Boutique Wouldn’t You Rather Donate to a Small Charity?

I’ve been driving around with two boxes of clothing and one box of paperback books in my vehicle, planning to stop at Savers or Goodwill.  Today I was in the area of Children’s Angel Foundation Thrift & Boutique, a thrift store I’ve been wanting to visit for at least two years.  I’ve always been working, on the clock, in a hurry or happened to pass by the store when it was closed.

Since I was off work, not in a hurry, and it was open, I decided to stop for a few minutes and check them out.  The store was tidy, organized and well lit.  I saw quite a few items that were reasonably priced.  I’ve been a little disappointed lately with Savers and Goodwill as the items can sometimes be purchased at Walmart, Target or Ross Dress for Less for nearly the same amount.

I bought a game – The Worst Case Scenario Game of Surviving Life – for two dollars. It looks to have all the pieces, and looks like it will be a fun game.

After spending a few minutes in the store, I decided this was where I would donate my stuff.

I would love to work nearby this little thrift store so I could visit during lunchtime, just to see what they have that’s new and also to donate more of my clutter! 🙂

Children’s Angel Foundation Thrift & Boutique is close to 16th Street & Highland on the west side of 16th Street. The address is 4648 North 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016-5109 and their phone number is (602) 795-0834‎.

According to Google, here are a few other “small” thrift stores within 8 miles of this one:

Sojourner Thrift
1639 East McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

Mari’s Thrift Store & Boutique Inc ‎
14 East Victory Street, Phoenix, AZ

Sandra’s Thrift Store
2619 West Bethany Home Road, Phoenix, AZ

Deseret Industries
8030 North 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

Hospice of the Valley ‎
5035 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

AARC Thrift Town Retail Str
5610 South Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Humane Society Thrift
1311 West Hatcher Road, Phoenix, AZ

Flo’s On 7th
4116 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

Do you shop thrift stores?  Which do you prefer?  The “chain stores” or the smaller ones?

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1 thought on “Children’s Angel Foundation Thrift & Boutique Wouldn’t You Rather Donate to a Small Charity?

  1. I adore thrift stores! It’s like a treasure hunt. We live near a thrift store that donates all of its proceeds to the local hospice society. A gorgeous hospice was just built and opened this spring. It costs a family just $30 a day to have a loved one cared for there. Warm fuzzies, for sure.


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