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Children’s Angel Foundation Thrift & Boutique Wouldn’t You Rather Donate to a Small Charity?

I’ve been driving around with two boxes of clothing and one box of paperback books in my vehicle, planning to stop at Savers or Goodwill.  Today I was in the area of Children’s Angel Foundation Thrift & Boutique, a thrift store I’ve been wanting to visit for at least two years.  I’ve always been working, on the clock, in a hurry or happened to pass by the store when it was closed. Since I was off work, not in a… Read the rest

Blast From the Past – June 2008

And now it’s time for our little walk down memory lane. In June 2008 Out of Debt Again was in its infancy, barely ten months old. On the 2nd, I shared a story about my friend whose Mother is Rolling Over In Her Grave – a Credit Card Debt Story which was featured on MSN Money on the 14th. On the 5th I shared Make Your Own Magnetic Business Signs and on the 7th provided an Excel Gasoline Calculator for… Read the rest

April and May 2010 Monthly Report

My gas costs went down since AJ got his own car. He was filling my tank at least twice a month, but I didn’t realize what an impact it would have on my gasoline costs once he started driving his own vehicle.$188 of the auto expenses was due to our AAA being renewed, and an additional $90 for AJ’s car to be added to our policy until it renews in August. I usually include our television satellite service in Entertainment,… Read the rest

Friday Finds June 25th, 2010

It’s Friday once again!   Time is flying. Even yesterday when I needed to hold my mouth closed on a mold for a crown at my dentist appointment and the gal told me I had to keep my teeth together for four and a half minutes, THAT time flew by. It was uncomfortable and I was not happy about having one of my molars ground down to a stump.  You would think time would have dragged. Here are a few posts… Read the rest