Total Gym Exercise Manual - Where to Find One

Since I’m feeling better physically, I’m finding I have more energy and I’m planning to start exercising on my Total Gym 1700 Club starting in July.  I got my bedroom cleaned up and decluttered enough to bring the workout machine from my bathroom where it has resided for the past year, but I can’t [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Download Transactions - How To Use Quicken 2010 Series Part I

I use Quicken to download transactions from my bank.

In this series, I will give you step by step instructions, including screenshots of how to download transactions from your bank. In this series, I am using Quicken Deluxe 2010*.

There are two options for downloading transactions.  Quicken can do it for your automatically using [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

I Need a New Budgeting Plan

As I mentioned in a post at the beginning of the year, I’m growing weary of detailing receipts in Quicken. I’ve got to find a way to streamline the process. I do download the transactions from my bank account, but then I always go back with the receipts in hand and sort everything into [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

June Gardening – Tomatoes Galore!

I planted a 10 pack of Early Girl tomatoes in March and I was wondering why there were no red tomatoes yet.  Then one weekend morning I thought I spotted some color way down at the base of one tomato plant so I got down on my hands and knees and wonder of wonders, [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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