How I Cut My Spam Down to Almost None

No More Spam

It was brought to my attention a few weeks ago, by a friend of mine who is new to blogging, that Akismet is now charging for their product.   My friend had asked what I was doing to combat spam as her blog had recently been found by the spambots and she was [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My Feed Was Broken and How I Fixed It

RSS Feed is an important thing for blogs.  It is an easy way for people to keep up with what is going on at the blog without having to physically go to the site each day.  Last weekend I did some remodeling at Out of Debt Again and as the days went by I [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Add New Account to Quicken - How to Use Quicken Series Part II

It is easy to add accounts to Quicken, and I will show you how to do it in this post which is Part II of my series How to Use Quicken 2010.

Although it is easy once you know what you are doing, it is confusing due to the choices given by Quicken.  I [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

How To Thoroughly Backup Your Wordpress Blog

In this post I will show you how to backup the data which is your WordPress blog so that you will be able to restore in the event of your computer crashing, your server losing your blog, your blog randomly breaking or any other mishap that can occur.

When my blog broke yesterday, there [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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