Total Gym Exercise Manual – Where to Find One Free

Since I’m feeling better physically, I’m finding I have more energy and I’m planning to start exercising on my Total Gym 1700 Club starting in July.  I got my bedroom cleaned up and decluttered enough to bring the workout machine from my bathroom where it has resided for the past year, but I can’t find the exercise manual.  Thank goodness for the Internet; after a few minutes of searching I was able to find a site that has copy which can be downloaded completely free of charge.  You can find it here: Total Gym Direct.

Another reason I was anxious to get our workout machine set up is because Mr. A has had a rotator cuff injury that is still bothering him after more than two years.  He heard on one of Chuck Norris’ infomercials for the Total Gym that he was won over with the Total Gym because he had a rotator cuff injury that wouldn’t heal and he was looking to have surgery. However, using the Total Gym helped him to heal that injury and he’s been using one ever since.

In the short periods of time that I’ve used my Total Gym in the past, I have been pleased with the results, namely I notice that I have more strength in my arms and legs. For example, a couple of years ago I had been working out regularly for about two months and we needed to build another building for our goats. This one was to be for the pregnant girls and their babies.  I was able to help Mr. A build that barn. One of my jobs was to shear the walls, which meant I was putting nails into the plywood that butted up against the studs.  There were 23 studs, and I put eight nails into each stud. So I put in (with a manual hammer, mind you) 184 nails.  Each nail took me 6 to 8 hits, so I estimated that I hit a nail head about 1,288 times that day.  I was also helping to hammer the wall studs together (the skeleton for the walls) and had to bend over, position my foot onto the two boards, then pound in a nail to hold them together.  This meant I was doing a lot of standing and bending for that part of the task.

Building a Goat Barn

Building a Goat Barn
Now prior to working out on my Total Gym, I would have had to take a break and sit down every fifteen minutes. But not this day, I had plenty of strength to work for several hours, and I wasn’t stiff with pain the next day, either.  Usually I’m quite a wimp when it comes to physical labor, but I definitely had much more strength.

I’m ready to get back to having more strength, so I am glad I was able to find an exercise guide.

I also really like my Total Gym because I can exercise at home, at my leisure and since it’s paid for there are no monthly service fees.

Do you have a regular exercise routine?  What’s your favorite exercise?

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3 thoughts on “Total Gym Exercise Manual – Where to Find One Free

  1. It’s weird because I had to find the exact same manual for someone once before. I have never actually used the Total Gym.

    I love working out at home. i just finished my first round of Insanity and it was hard but did wonders…. off on a two week break now and coming back to start round 2 :).


  2. I was given a total gym 1700 club without manuals. If anyone knows where I can find an EXERCISE manual please let me know. I have the owners manual but can not find one (for free) that is exercise related.


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