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Thursday Link Love aka Friday Finds on Thursday

Celebrations and giveaway events: Elle over at Couple Money is giving away a laptop to celebrate the one year anniversary of her blog. Congratulations on reaching one year, Elle and wow, I remember when you were at your six month anniversary. Seems like just yesterday!  Time flies! Kevin at Invest It Wisely is celebrating his six month anniversary with almost $300 in prizes to give away, check out his easy to enter form right on the post! Out of Debt… Read the rest

Friday Finds June 25th, 2010

It’s Friday once again!   Time is flying. Even yesterday when I needed to hold my mouth closed on a mold for a crown at my dentist appointment and the gal told me I had to keep my teeth together for four and a half minutes, THAT time flew by. It was uncomfortable and I was not happy about having one of my molars ground down to a stump.  You would think time would have dragged. Here are a few posts… Read the rest

Friday Finds June 18th, 2010

Another week has flown by at the Accountability household. Here are some of the posts I have recently had the pleasure of reading: My Financial Objectives talks about Bringing Your Efficiency Home. Definitely a topic to which I can relate, and one thing that stood out for me is the need to “relax” upon arriving home. I also read that MFO had a fairly long commute in April (40 minutes to and 60 minutes home) and if you are a… Read the rest

Friday Finds June 11, 2010

Every Friday I list a few posts I’ve read and enjoyed. Here are today’s choices: Jacq – Single Mom Rich Mom shares Catfight of the Personal Finance Blogger Chicks between her and Barbara Friedman Personal Finance. The ladies are trying to see who can spend the least amount of money in June. UPDATE: I have just been notified that two more lady bloggers have entered the competition: Christine of Money Funk and Laura of Move to Portugal. We’ll be watching… Read the rest