Friday Finds June 4, 2010

I neglected to put together my Friday Finds for the two previous Fridays but I was determined to get one together today, so here we go!

First, some link love to the bloggers who included Out of Debt Again recently:

On May 24th, my post Finally—Our 2008 Tax Refund Arrived was included in the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Friday Finds May 14th

Another week has already flown by! Here are some posts I found interesting in the past week:

Beating Broke gives us an update: My Wife Quit Her Job : One Year Later. Sounds like she made a good decision to quit her job and start her own business! Financial Samurai tells us there are [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Friday Finds: May 7

Hello out there in the blogosphere!  How are you doing and how is your weather today?  It is bright and sunny today here in Arizona. I have my front door open to let fresh air in and there are no wind gusts today like there were last weekend. It is supposed to get near [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Friday Finds - April 30

Hi everyone! Running a little late today, but never fear I was busy with our finances, paying bills, canceling Easy Pay options and setting up Bill Pay transfers.

Just wanted to share some of the good stuff I found in the PF blog world this week:

Single Guy Money just went through a nightmare [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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