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Friday Finds June 4, 2010

I neglected to put together my Friday Finds for the two previous Fridays but I was determined to get one together today, so here we go! First, some link love to the bloggers who included Out of Debt Again recently: On May 24th, my post Finally—Our 2008 Tax Refund Arrived was included in the Carnival of Money Stories #55 hosted at Funny About Money. On May 24th, my post Discover Card Debt Reduction Progress was included at the Carnival of… Read the rest

Friday Finds May 14th

Another week has already flown by! Here are some posts I found interesting in the past week: Beating Broke gives us an update: My Wife Quit Her Job : One Year Later. Sounds like she made a good decision to quit her job and start her own business! Financial Samurai tells us there are some jobs he would do gladly without pay in: The List of Jobs I’d Do for Free Baby! Rainy Day Saver drives an extra 10 miles… Read the rest

Friday Finds: May 7

Hello out there in the blogosphere!  How are you doing and how is your weather today?  It is bright and sunny today here in Arizona. I have my front door open to let fresh air in and there are no wind gusts today like there were last weekend. It is supposed to get near 100°F today, so I will have to shut the front door soon to keep the hot air outside! I wanted to share some great articles I… Read the rest

Friday Finds – April 30

Hi everyone! Running a little late today, but never fear I was busy with our finances, paying bills, canceling Easy Pay options and setting up Bill Pay transfers. Just wanted to share some of the good stuff I found in the PF blog world this week: Single Guy Money just went through a nightmare with some telemarketers and came up with an interesting way to resolve the problem in Telemarketer Revenge. 20s money has a little article on recurring revenue… Read the rest