Friday Finds May 14th

Another week has already flown by! Here are some posts I found interesting in the past week:

  • Beating Broke gives us an update: My Wife Quit Her Job : One Year Later. Sounds like she made a good decision to quit her job and start her own business!
  • Financial Samurai tells us there are some jobs he would do gladly without pay in: The List of Jobs I’d Do for Free Baby!
  • Rainy Day Saver drives an extra 10 miles to save 15 minutes and ends up spending less money in: Saving Money on my Commute. I choose to get to work by 6am because it only takes me an hour; otherwise it takes me 90 minutes due to sitting in traffic. I’m not sure how to figure the savings since I’m sitting in traffic but I’m sure it costs something for a vehicle to idle for half an hour.
  • My Money Minute asks Would You Pay for Your Grocery Bags? Interestingly, in Arizona some stores give you a nickel credit if you bring in your own grocery bags, but I don’t think any have ever charged for bags.
  • Roger at the Financial Amateur admits he needs to get better at time management and shares some techniques of Time Management Basics in If Time Is Money, How Can We Manage Both?
  • Darwin’s Finance explores the pros and cons of putting in a swimming pool in Is Putting in a Swimming Pool Worth It? Sometimes I wish we had a swimming pool but most likely the novelty would wear off. If we ever did, I would want to use salt instead of chlorine to keep the water clear.

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