July 2009 Monthly Report

I promised last month that I was getting back to monthly reports, so here are the numbers for July.


We were under budget on some items, but over budget on others. I need to find some way to budget gas so that it doesn’t include Mr. A’s business usage. $413 went for my vehicle, while Mr. A used $432.

Last month I said, “We’re going to try to crack down on this budget. And I need to make some credit card transfers to get rid of the interest we’re having to pay.” Failed on both counts.

I am going to make a point this month to transfer two credit cards over to another one that is offering 0% interest until May 2010. I am tempted to go with the 2.99% interest for one year… but will probably go with the 0% offer. I had better hurry and do the transfer, before they decide to do me a favor and close the account, since I haven’t used the account in a while.

June’s monthly report indicated our credit card debt at $23,045.92 and due mainly to the air conditioner going out, the number is now: $24,540.25, an increase of $1494.33.

Last month I was feeling encouraged about our financial situation, but then our air conditioner broke and I felt knocked down. Still, we managed to not go into debt much further than the amount paid for the air conditioner, which is a positive.

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