Another Credit Card Account Canceled

I’ve had another credit card account canceled – by the bank. That’s two within the last two weeks. This was a Chase account. At least they had the decency to only say they were closing the account since I hadn’t used it in a while. I have three other CHASE cards, and two of them have balances.

My boss had a little situation the other day. She cosigned for her granddaughter on a student loan and she was denied for extreme delinquency. My boss has quite a bit of debt, but she pays on time and more than the minimum all the time. She was livid. I told her we could check her credit report online and get an answer within minutes. She’d been turned down by Transunion so we went to their site. For a 30 day trial membership, we got her all three reports and her credit scores. It turns out that Sears indicated she hadn’t made a payment in over 60 days, but she knew she had.

While going through the process of getting her credit report, one of the screens that flashed by said to keep your credit card balances down to 35% of the limit. I thought the goal was to keep the ratio at 20%. I thought we were okay on our debt – I’ll have to keep that in mind.

My boss decided to wait until she got home later in the day to call Sears and find out what was going on. In spite of the “extreme” delinquency, her credit scores were still in the low 700s.

Here are three places I know of where you can get all your credit reports and scores:

FreeCreditReport Credit *report* free only (and Experian score) My readers have reminded me that this company is not actually a free credit reporting company. Thanks everyone!

The company I thought I’d gone to is AnnualCreditReport. This is the legitimate, free one. I did know this, as I used it and blogged about it previously in October last year. At AnnualCreditReport you only get your reports free. You will need to pay for your actual score.

Transunion All 3 reports and scores. 30 day free trial $14.95/month thereafter

Credit Check Total All 3 reports and scores. 7 day free trial $19.95/month thereafter

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8 thoughts on “Another Credit Card Account Canceled

  1. is not free… use and you won’t have to sign up for the trial membership. is run by the government, and you are entitled to one free credit report every year from each of the three credit companies.


  2. By law, We’re entitled to one free credit report annually from the credit bureaus. This can be accessed – You can also request a free copy of your credit report if you were denied credit; however, you can only request a copy from the specific credit bureau that supplied the credit report to the creditor who denied you.You can even use different online tools to asses your financial health. I used some tools like BillsIQ, Tfgi and Myfico which were of great help.


  3. AGH. I feel so stupid!! Thanks everyone for pointing out that I had mentioned the wrong place! I hate making mistakes like that, and I did get fooled by that one place. Thanks again!


  4. No loss there. Chase are not the best bank to have a credit card with. My suggestion is to pay it off quickly and get a lower interest rate card.

    When it comes to paying off debt debt consolidation is far better than debt settlement. Esaspecially of one wants to get credit cards and loans later on


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