Monthly Report February 2008

Okay, here I am with the monthly report for February. We came in under budget by $81.92.

We did a lot better on gasoline usage – amazingly $225 under budget. We also cut down on the feed bill, I mean grocery bill by $500! That’s pretty amazing. I’m not really sure how it happened, but I know we did a lot of stocking up on meat in December, so the amount we spent on meat was less this month.

We had some extra money come in this month. Mr. A had three paydays from his job, and he was also refunded the money his company had taken in error for insurance. The little company I work for on the side paid me my quarterly stipend of $225.

I’m hoping to have two things done soon: 1) a post composed soon on how our credit card debt has fluctuated since I’ve been moving money around on the accounts 2) get my graphs at the side updated with our current credit card debt.

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